Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast goes to Mercato Centrale

How was your weekend?

As we are minutes away from Monday, I'd like to share with you how I spent these two amazing stress-free days! Boy, time flies when you having fun!

jollibee 2

Yesterday, I woke up earlier than usual as I spent my Saturday morning at Mercato Centrale. Aside from visiting our former co-tenants, we joined the fun sampling activity conducted by Jollibee as they treated ALL market visitors and vendors to a cup of the new Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast!!!

jollibee 1

What's cool is that even Jollibee was there to join in the fun!

jollibee 3

Of course, I couldn't help but have a photo op with the happy orange bee! :) Jollibee, meet Mickey Mouse (points to my favorite weekend shirt)!

jollibee winners

We were then given a task. Search for three visitors who are happily enjoying their cup of sundae and reward them with some Jollibee GCs! :) I felt like Santa for a while there. I had fun taking their photos as they gamely posed for the camera. Meet my three winners! Tadaahhh!

jollibee 7

With the sun up and the temperature quickly rising -- having a cup of this yummy Jollibee dessert was truly a welcome treat! This is just the first of many sampling stops that the Jollibee crew will be doing. Keep your eyes and ears open as, who knows, a cup of Jollibee Sundae Mix-ins MILO Blast might just come your way!

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