Manang's at the Ateneo de Manila University

Back in college, I didn't go to the Blue school. However, I'd consider myself an honorary Blue Eagle with a sister and two best friends whom I would regularly visit at the Blue school whenever possible. One thing that I'll never forget during my visits is having lunch at Manang's. My school, on the other hand, is located at the heart of  the Ortigas business district thus lunch prices ranges from P100 up. I'd really be lucky to be able to score a good lunch below that price.

manangs 1

I'll never forget when T first made me try Manang's for lunch and as I got to the cashier, I thought she said one plate of liempo (pork belly) was Php. 130 when in fact it was only Php. 30! I think Manang found me silly for pulling out an extra hundred peso bill from my wallet and later giving her a shocked look as I realized I'm paying so much more.

manangs 8

Lunch was fun! I loved the tender, perfectly grilled pork belly that has a good amount of meat and a few tendons and bones here and there. Have one plateful for yourself, a cup of plain rice and a can of Coke and be ready to have one of the simplest, yet truly satisfying lunch you'll ever had in your university life. It has been more than a decade since and I continuously dream of Manang's liempo every now and then.

Thus, one Saturday, my sister and I agreed to have a double lunch date at Manang's in Ateneo. Paul hasn't tried Manang's yet and I'm so excited to let him taste the yummy liempo too!

We got there around 11AM, too early for the lunch crowd yet the choices were already quite limited. Of course, there was the liempo and some lumpia but they just ran out of their famous pork chop as someone just bought dozens of it! Boo!

manangs 4

Check out our lunch feast!

We had a plate of chopped liempo (Php. 55), a huge piece of Lumpia Togue (Php. 20), a plate of Salted Egg and Tomatoes and two pieces of chubby longganisa (Php. 10 each). We didn't have breakfast that day so we got a cup of rice each. Lunch was really cheap! We ate so much and our bill amounted to about Php. 200 with drinks. What a great deal!

The liempo was as good as I remembered it to be. Thin strips of pork that tastes so well when dipped in vinegar. Really, I can finish one entire plate of Manang's liempo! So yummy!

manangs 9

The lumpia togue was ok, I just find it a bit too oily but since it's deep-fried I guess Manang didn't bother to pat this with tissue anymore. I can have this for an afternoon snack.

manangs 7

I just had half a longganisa as Paul enjoyed this very much and so I let him have my share. He loves sweet longganisa and this one perfectly suited his taste.

manangs 6

Lastly, what's a Pinoy meal without some salted egg and tomatoes? While I would have wanted my yolk to be a bit oilier, this one still complimented our meal.

manangs 5

It also looks like my sister's boyfriend E enjoyed their simple meal of liempo and lumpia as well. Look at their big, bright smiles!

manangs 10

We ended our meal at little past 12 and I was just amazed at the continuously flow of customers dining at Manang's. Note that we went on a Saturday which means, the aren't as many students in school compared to ordinary days.

Looks like Manang still has her charm and the lucky Blue Eagles will be able to enjoy her delicious dishes for years to come. Can't wait to go back to Ateneo for future food trips! :)

Manang's is located beside the ADMU gym, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.

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