Go all around the world at Restaurant 5

Don't you just love going out for lunch? Taking a short breather away from the office and having a really good and filling meal? That's what I did a couple of days ago. I was invited by my friends over at Discovery Suites to try their lunch buffet at Restaurant 5 and luckily, I was there on the day that they were highlighting a couple of Spanish dishes.

restaurant 5 1

Spell P-A-E-L-L-A!! My love affair with that orange, baked rice will go on for a lifetime! I love the flavorful Arborio rice cooked with the juiciest meats and the finest catch from the sea. The best part of course lies at the bottom of the pan. Socarrat, as they call it is the thin burnt layer that is so crunchy and good.

restaurant 5

What I love about Restaurant 5's buffet is that they give great importance to the quality of the food. True, the selections were quite limited but I truly enjoyed the fresh cold cuts, the crunchy calamares and most especially, the gambas wherein fellow blogger Richard and I got a full plate of gambas each.

restaurant 5 2

If you want more, they have chefs stationed at one corner ready to prepare a full batch of calamares, empanada or gambas for you!

As for the main dishes, I wasn't able to try them all but I enjoyed the Croquettas, Pescado al Sal to name a few. I also love the Sopa de Ajo (Garlic Soup) which was served with garlic croutons too. I loved this so much that I got two servings of this!

After trying the viands available that day, I headed straight to the Paella which was conveniently located right beside our table. I got a small serving and noticed that the socarrat was missing! Shucks... still, I kept an open mind as I tried Restaurant 5's Paella Valenciana. The flavor was good yet I can't help but look for that crunchy burnt part. Socarrat, where were you!

restaurant 5 3

I ended my meal with a piece of Churros covered with thick, rich chocolate. Yummy!! :) However, I recommend you have this piping hot as the churros hardens up when cold.

The lunch buffet actually highlights various cuisines on a daily basis. That day, we had a Spanish feast but on other days, diners will be able to enjoy their Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Italian which rotates every Mondays to Thursdays. Then its a Filipino feast every Friday and Saturday. I personally am excited to go back to try their sushi selection, Bibimbap, Italian Rissoto and of course their Lechon!

Buffet rate is only Php. 695++ per person making it very reasonable as you're getting hotel-quality food and service for less than a thousand pesos.

Visit Restaurant 5 at the 5th floor, Discovery Suites, 25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center in Pasig City. Want to make a reservation or to check which cuisine will be highlighted for the day? Call them at 719-6805 / 719-8888.

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