A Cheezy Love Story at Spectrum, Fairmont Makati

I hope you're all up for a cheezy love story. A story that I never thought I'd be able to tell. It all began on that fateful evening when I entered the restaurant with no expectations whatsoever. I kept my mind open but somehow deep inside me, I was a bit excited. Not really sure of what or who I was supposed to see but all I knew was I couldn't wait for this evening to come and when it finally did, I was just in a happy and giddy disposition.

spectrum fairmont makati
Carefully but slowly, I walked around Spectrum, Fairmont Makati's new all-day dining restaurant. The posh and sexy decor by the entrance immediately caught my attention. Clean and classy, just the way I love it. As they say, first impressions last. This one will surely do.

spectrum fairmont makati
But I went there with a mission. I was there on a search and so I moved on. Trying to stay focused on the impressive buffet spread. As I went about checking each station out, I was determined to continue on before finally grabbing a plate to start the feast. It was such a visual treat. It was as if each food item was calling out to me. "EAT ME!" "TAKE ME!" "TRY ME", they all cried.

spectrum fairmont makati
Finally, I gave in. My normal buffet habit would be to try some fresh sashimi and sushi at the Japanese station but somehow I was lured somewhere else. Away from where everyone was, just like a magnet I ended up at the salad and cheese station. I heard a lady asking the server to prepare something for her. Giving her specific requests, she sounded like she knew exactly that this was surely a winner. Not knowing what it was, I asked the server to make me one too. For a moment there, I lost my cautious eater self and felt more bold and adventurous. "Change is good", I reminded myself.

spectrum fairmont makati
Watching the server used a mixing cup to prepare that mystery dish for me. He did so in such a gracious motion that actually made it quite entertaining to watch. Finally, after one final swoop, he poured the contents onto my plate and I carefully carried it back to the table where Paul, my husband, has been waiting for me.

I eyed the plate, even lifted it up for me to smell and after a deep breath, I took my first bite.

It took only ONE bite and believe me, I knew I just fell in love...fell so hard and so fast that not even my strong mind could stop it. There's no brakes after all where true love exists.

spectrum fairmont makati
Dear readers, I fell in love with Spectrum's Caprese Salad. One that had just the right amount of chunky Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese mixed with Pesto and Balsamic Vinaigrette, a handful of juicy cherry tomatoes and all poured on top of fresh arugula leaves. This is different from all the Caprese Salads that I've tried out there and I have to say this is the BEST.

If this was just part of a movie, this would definitely be when fireworks would go off the Sydney Harbor and three men would show up to play the violin. I am in love and to this day, I continue to daydream about it. Crazy, I know, but the same delicious salad even showed up in my dream last night. Oh dear...

spectrum fairmont makati
I visited the other stations, giving other also a chance. Every time I go back, I continue to glance at the cheese station. In my mind, I debated whether I should get another plate or to try something else. Trying something else sounded right then.

spectrum fairmont makati
I tried some of Spectrum's creative maki rolls which are filled with salmon belly, salmon skin and suckling pig. Good but too calorific for me. I was happy with the usual California Maki as well as a good serving of Smoked Salmon. Sadly they do not have some dill sauce to go with this so I made do with a dollop of sour cream.

spectrum fairmont makati
Paul was happy with his plate of fresh seafood. He ate his prawns with gusto as he would dip each juicy piece into the tangy marinara sauce.

spectrum fairmont makati
We also tried the steak which the server had to sear more thoroughly for me. As an additional touch, he happily plated it complete with sauce and veggies. I love how they would go the extra mile to make each plate special for you.

spectrum fairmont makati
Another highlight of Spectrum is the Honey station with live bees busy creating more fresh honey! I was able to try the honeycomb with chocolate which was pretty good.

spectrum fairmont makati
Despite feeling so full already, we just have to have dessert! Paul tried the Coffee Taho which sadly didn't impressed him very much but his disappointment quickly disappeared as soon as he digged into Spectrum's Halo Halo with Pandan Shaved Ice. Another unique innovation that you won't normally see in hotel buffets. One can choose to either have Pandan, Corn or Mango with your Halo Halo. It was very good and it gave more character to the already interesting halo-halo.

Spectrum may not have the most number of stations or food offerings but what makes it worth dining here is that they have a lot of unique creations that you won't normally find elsewhere. Each station offers something new that will surely entice your tastebuds and hopefully, just like me, you might also fall in love here as you discover your way through Spectrum's buffet spread.

This is what you call a bittersweet love story. Just when I'm about to leave Manila then I fall madly in love. Day by day, I wonder when will the next time be. I hope Spectrum's Caprese Salad is here to stay and it'll wait for me when I return...coz I definitely will. ♥

Buffet rates:
Breakfast: Php. 1336 nett
Weekend Dinner Buffet Rate (Friday and Saturday) – Php 2,285 net per person
Weekday Dinner Buffet Rate (Sunday to Thursday) – Php 1,995 net per person
*buffet is inclusive of coffee and tea

Spectrum is located at the Lobby Level, Fairmont Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati City. Call them at 555-9840.

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