Staycation Files: Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences in Makati City

Here's one thing that Paul and I will surely miss here in Manila -- the ability to have a quick weekend staycation whenever the need for one comes about. I know we'll be able to find ways to unwind and to enjoy when we move to the Lion City but that would take some time as we have to settle into our new home, get to know the neighborhood and to adjust to our new life in such a busy city.

picasso 3
Having a staycation is something that we both always look forward to. I know it may sound silly and shallow for some but being able to check into a hotel and to just relax and not worry about a thing has proven to be a good way to re-energize after a busy, hectic week. Now that our schedules are literally packed with last minute shopping, medical check-ups, despedida dinners and time at home to pack, we truly welcomed the invitation to stay the night at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences right at the heart of Makati City.

picasso 2
Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences has been around for a couple of years already. Situated at the center of Salcedo Village, this hotel seems to be a perfect option for business travelers who will be reporting to work in one of the many offices located at the Makati CBD. We checked in on a Friday and I liked the small but very modern-looking lobby. Picasso is named after the famous Spanish abstract artist, Pablo Picasso so expect to see a lot of colorful paintings all over the hotel.

picasso 4
Check out the colorful room signage. This was our home away from home for one night.

picasso 5
We were given the Malaga Studio (Php, 9,000++) which is a 45sqm room complete with a king size bed, a huge study table and cute touch-sensitive lamps. A bit too touch-sensitive though that it took Paul and I some time to figure out how to switch all lamps on. I appreciated the modern touch found in several accents and decorative pieces in the room. Check out the leather carpet under the bed!

picasso 6
The room was also equipped with a flat screen TV. From the photo it may looked small as it was displayed against a very big wall but the size of the TV was pretty okay.

picasso 7
Paul's favorite area in any hotel is where the study table is. He would stay here for hours using the laptop and making the most of the complimentary internet connection as he would surf the net, play games and watch videos ( He was surprised to see this box of goodies with a letter addressed to him as he set his gadgets up. He was really touched as he wasn't really expecting for Picasso to take the time out to feed us with these yummy snacks! Sweet!

picasso 8
What I love about our local hotels is that most rooms are really spacious. This room in particular is probably equivalent to 3 deluxe rooms in a boutique hotel in Hong Kong or Korea. You can literally do cartwheels and back flips in here. The bathroom was just a spacious. The shower area has a separate door from the toilet making it easier for couples to do their bathroom duties quickly. One can do his business at the toilet area while another could take a bath. That's what you call being efficient! :) I like the rain showerhead as well as a removable shower spray set-up.

picasso 9
They have also provided us with the basic toiletries too. Over at the toilet area, I was so happy to see that this hotel has installed a bidet. Hooray!

picasso 10
Lastly, since this is a Serviced Residences a.k.a. an apartment-like hotel, guests have the open to rent a room for a longer period of time thus they have a small yet functional kitchen set-up complete with a microwave oven, two induction burners and a kettle. Not bad as most expats could actually consider staying here.

picasso 1
Around the hotel, they have a two-level gym which was pretty impressive. It's too bad though that they do not have a pool and should you want to to swim, you'll have to go to the Makati Sports Club which allows hotel guests to use the pool. Quite a bit of a hassle if you ask me but for those with kids, I guess the short ride would be worth it.

The hotel was very clean and service was very efficient. Parking was pretty limited though but the guard was very helpful and there's a direct access from the basement up to our hotel. I'm not sure if this is good thing for the over-all security of the hotel guests.

picasso 12
The following day, Paul and I had breakfast at Brasserie Boheme, a restaurant adjacent to the hotel. This is where hotel guests can avail of the complimentary breakfast service. There's a simple buffet spread of breads, cheeses and some cold cuts. That was about it.

picasso 13
For the meats and rice, you'll have to choose from the menu. Paul got the Longganisa with Garlic Rice which he was pretty happy about. That's a big thing given that he's a big fan of longganisa so for this to pass his standards, well that's a very good indication that Brasserie Boheme do serve yummy longganisa! Well, that's the up side. Sadly, he found his breakfast plate too small. That's less than a cup of rice and with two pieces of longganisa, that's definitely not enough to keep one energize throughout the morning at the very least. It's a good thing breakfast was complimentary as it was part of the room package or we'd be really disappointed.

picasso 14
I got the Daing na Bangus with Garlic Rice and as the plate was placed in front of me, I was surprised by the tiny size of the fish. That's even less than 1/4 of the entire milkfish! Oh man! The poached egg was okay and the rice pretty ordinary as well. Needless to say, I was greatly disappointment with breakfast that Paul and I quickly finish our food to head to...

picasso 15
...the Salcedo Saturday Market next door! Our savior! Here, I had my favorite yummy crepe and even bumped into my MIL and SIL who were busy food shopping. I'm so happy that the hotel's location was so convenient that we can walk around Salcedo Village with ease.

I'd probably stay at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences again but will definitely skip breakfast and will just head over to the Salcedo Market again.

Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences is located at 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village in Makati City.

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