Snack Time : KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

A day after the incident, I went home feeling under the weather. I guess my resistance suddenly went down and I immediately felt my tonsils acting up again. Well, there was this white paper bag that caught my eye and somehow, it made me smile. Like what I said before, surprising me with food is always ALWAYS a good thing.

Thank you Col. Sanders! 

I peeked inside and found three red boxes that are quite similar to the kind that we'd use for Mom's chocolate cupcakes. Instead of having cupcakes or any sweet treats inside, KFC filled each box with the new BBQ Shredder Sandwich. Yep, that's the name of the new sandwich. If you ask me, I find using the word 'shredder' a bit off. Those in the corporate world would associate the shredder with trash. We shred all unnecessary documents, we shred all unused forms and memos, we shred all things we have to dispose. I personally wouldn't use the word "shredder" when food is involved. Well, that's me so let's just give KFC a chance.

I shared the three sandwiches with the entire family and each had his/her own opinions. This sandwich is filled with tender chicken shreds drenched in smoky barbecue sauce and topped with ONE piece of tortilla chip. I've seen the TVC where they promised that it's topped with tortilla chips and based on what I've tried, there was just only ONE tortilla chip which wasn't crunchy anymore.

However, I got to admit that the chicken meat was indeed very tender and really liked the sweet barbecue sauce. On my next try, I think I'll ask them to skip the tortilla chip as it was quite hard to bite into when not crunchy anymore.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich
Over-all, the KFC BBQ Shredded Sandwich is worth a try. It's perfect for those who would appreciate a different take to the usual deep-fried and breaded chicken and mayo sandwich. It's quite affordable too as it's only Php. 55 for a la carte (sandwich only) and Php. 85 for a meal combo with fries and drinks.

*photo credit: KFC Philippines (meal combo)

Head over to the any KFC branch near you! Log on to for more information or call 887-8888 to avail of their delivery service. 

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