Sebastian's Ice Cream : Bibingka Espesyal

Lately, Paul and I have been busy. Busy meeting up with friends, busy attending despedida parties (more on this SOON), busy visiting the mall to buy all necessary household items that we need for our new life that we will be starting in a month's time. For a couple who's not really into shopping, believe me, forcing ourselves to complete our shopping list can really be a test of our patience.

Anyway, one incentive for going to the mall is the fact that we can eat out! Yay! During one of our recent shopping trip at the Podium Mall, we suddenly have a craving for ICE CREAM. Well, Paul thought about it first while I was initially thinking of just getting a cup of milk tea. We remembered that there's a Sebastian's kiosk at the 4th level of the mall and we quickly headed there to check the flavors out.

sebastians 1
We love Sebastian's for his unique yet very Pinoy flavors. Paul used to love Sebastian's Yakult flavored ice cream while I'm a fan of his Green Mango and Bagoong flavor. After trying about 5 flavors each, we made a unanimous choice -- this time, we wanted to try the Bibingka Espesyal (Php. 145). We're both big fans of bibigka and would make it a point to have this after the Misa de Gallo mass, it's quite impressive that Sebastian's was able to create an ice cream flavor that tasted exactly like it.

sebastians 2
We agreed to share a scoop as it's pretty big compared to the regular ice cream scoops out there. I love biting into the crunky coconut flakes and could actually feel the texture of the salted duck egg too. You have to be a fan of bibingka to appreciate this.

I enjoyed this flavor very much and am excited to head back to Sebastian's, this time, to try the Chaporado or to have more of my ultimate favorite Green Mango & Bagoong Ice Cream.

Sebastian's Ice Cream is located at the 4th level, Podium Mall, ADB avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

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