Lunch out at Hooters, San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia

I've heard about Hooters, a popular American resto bar, that opened in Manila a few years back. Of course, I heard this from Paul who has been planning to check out their local branch since then. I really didn't get the fuss over it as I initially thought it was pretty much similar to our favorite Chili's or TGI Friday's. It was after reading reviews about it that I found out the little extra USP (unique selling proposition) that this restaurant has -- it's very sexy and overly voluptuous lady servers making this a go-to place for all men out there. Aha! No wonder... tsk tsk tsk.

Unfortunately, Hooters hasn't expanded since it opened at the San Miguel by the Bay area near the SM Mall of Asia and since we rarely frequent that place, my dear husband hasn't been to Hooters Manila till this day.

Well, imagine his shock when I came home one evening and told him that I had lunch at Hooters with a couple of girl colleagues as we had a presentation nearby. Of course, he was curious how lunch went and I sadly didn't have much good news to tell.

First off, I guess Hooters is really a dinner/drinks establishment so while it is open for lunch, they were playing 90s music which was quite mellow from what I was imagining the background music to be. Not complaining there as we would even sing along while waiting for our food to arrive.

We ordered four dishes for sharing and let me go through them one by one:

hooters 1
Quesadillas (Php. 395)
Well, the flavor was there but it lacked the excitement. No zing! No fireworks on the first bite! I had to cover my quesadilla with lots of salsa and sour cream in order to just satisfy my taste buds.

hooters 4
Buffalo Platter (Php. 825)
This was definitely not worth the expensive price tag. Don't get me wrong, I love buffalo wings but this one was just too breaded, oily and spicy. Not really the best combination, if you ask me. Please skip this.

hooters 2
BBQ Glazed Ribs (Php. 550)
The only thing that I liked for lunch that day. See, it was even way cheaper than the Buffalo Platter. Do get two of this if you're a big group and you won't be sorry. The meat was tender and you can really taste the bbq flavor all through the bones. Yum!

hooters 3
Fish & Chips (Php. 395)
Nothing spectacular about this but it wasn't so bad either. I guess we had an overload of deep-fried items for lunch that this wasn't much appreciated anymore.
Service was not as fast as we were hoping it to be considering we were the only customers in the house that time.

As for the sexy, voluptuous servers? I guess their shift starts by dinner time as none was spotted when I was there.

Hooters is located at Unit 1-6 SM Mall of Asia, Bldg. D (San Miguel by the Bay), Seaside Blvd Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay City. It's right outside SM Mall of Asia along the same row as Buffet 101, Vikings, Dampa, etc. Call them at 556-4946 / 556-4948.

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