When Mabuhay meets Hola! at Madeca, Podium Mall

Spontaneity. That's one thing that I've been trying my darnest to practice year after year. For someone who's incredibly OC, I tend to stick to routines and follow schedules to a T. Thus, when I texted a couple of friends to ask them out for lunch one weekday, they were pretty much surprised to receive such an impromptu invite from yours truly. Well, I was equally just as surprised myself that they were all game to meet up in less than two hours.

We agreed to check out MadeCa as majority of us haven't tried it yet. I really haven't heard about this restaurant as I rarely get to visit the Podium Mall. Located at the 5th floor, this is a new Mexican - Filipino restaurant. A fusion restaurant.

madeca 2
count with me!!! - Count Dracula (Count von Count, Sesame Street)

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of fusion cuisines as normally it just doesn't work out that well. I still love restaurants that offer authentic cuisines be it Chinese, Filipino, Japanese or Italian. However, I am always game to give new restaurants a try so there we were staring at Madeca's menu deciding on what to get for lunch that day. It was a few days after New Years Day and after indulging in all things unhealthy and sweet, I just wanted something light for a change.

madeca 3
That said, Paul and I agreed to share our lunch so as not to fill ourselves up too quickly. We had some Salpicao Taco (Php. 195) where one order gives you two regular-sized soft tacos. It's said to be one of their best-sellers but I was very disappointed by it. The beef was minced so tiny that I could hardly have a good bite of it. The sauce was dripping all over and I can't really pinpoint exactly what flavor were they trying to achieve. I think the only thing I was happy to munch on were the oily flour tortilla chips as I was feeling hungry by the time our orders came. Needless to say, it was a bad choice and we'll not order this again next time.

madeca 1
It's a good thing I also ordered the Spinach and Mushroom Quesadilla (Php. 125). Richard told us that it tasted like Cream of Mushroom. Well he was kinda right and I liked it! Sure, it's nothing like a real Mexican quesadilla but I guess this is where the fusion works its charm, it was comforting and quite addicting too. I loved it!

madeca 4
I also tried the Virgin Dalandan Mojito (Php. 135) after seeing this on most tables that day. I just requested that they skip the alcohol on my drink as it was way to early to get tipsy and I still have errands to do after lunch. It was yummy and had it not been quite expensive, I probably would have gotten myself another glass. Paul tried the House Iced Tea (Php. 90) which was pretty okay according to him.

Food-wise, our experience at Madeca was not very good. I guess what made up for it was the company of friends whom we haven't been able to hang out with for some time. I heard their Sisig Taco is better. Maybe, we'll give it another try in the near future.

Madeca is located at the 5th floor, the Podium Mall, 12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. Call them at 234-5233.

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