Build me up, (Maple) Buttercup Baby!


As much as I hate to admit it, I do appreciate surprises. Well not the kind that would make my hair stand on its ends or those that would make my heart run a million miles per minute. I love sweet surprises. Those that would make me go “awwww” and get all giddy and smiley all throughout the day. Surprises that involves food is also a good thing.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a Myster Dinner. I’m no stranger to this kind of dinner as Paul and I were recently able to join one by Pinoy Eats World and we both had a blast. The invite simply instructed me to head to the Bonifacio Global City where I, together with other food bloggers, will be picked up and whisked away to our undisclosed location. The ride was quite long and guesses were thrown here and there as to where we’re exactly heading.

lolo dads 14
Finally, as the van made a turn towards Quirino Avenue, I suddenly had a strong feeling we’re heading to somewhere familiar. A place that I truly love and have grown fond of. We are heading to Lolo Dad’s and all of a sudden, I am even more excited for dinner.

lolo dad's anchor maple 2
As we entered the homey dining area of Lolo Dad’s, I waved hello to the friendly staff who remembered me from my previous visit a few nights ago. This dinner was organized by Anchor Maple Butter and I was excited to try it as I love butter and maple especially on my pancakes.

lolo dad's anchor maple 1
Dinner began with Lolo Dad’s freshly baked dinner rolls and a special Garlic Maple Butter Spread. I love Lolo Dad’s classic garlic butter spread but this one was truly amazing! I love how the sweetness of the maple syrup has made this starter even more interesting. It’s a good thing that I know we have a 5-course meal ahead or else I would have eaten more bread. According to Chef Ariel Manuel, this spread will be his staple from now on. Be sure to try this on your visit to Lolo Dad’s soon.

(On Anchor Maple Butter) “It’s so versatile, it goes well with anything” – Chef Ariel Manuel

lolo dad's anchor maple 4
After the delicious warm bread, out came our appetizer – Anchor Maple and Honey Glazed Duck Ham, Duck Liver Terrine and Confit of Cantaloupe with Newly Popped Corn Salad. We had this dinner a few days before Christmas and what’s a Holiday feast without ham? I enjoyed the cold duck liver terrine as Chef Ariel specializes in foie gras and even if I know I’m not allowed to have corn, I tried a few popcorn infused with truffle oil. Oooh so good!

lolo dad's anchor maple 5
Lolo Dad’s is known of their espresso soup and this time, Chef Ariel Manuel prepared a special cup of Espresso of Chestnut Soup with Anchor Maple Foam and Ham Flakes. Here, we enjoyed the perfect marriage of two contrasting flavors – sweet and savory. The savory flavor of the creamy chestnut soup as well as the crispy Ham Flakes combined with the sweet foam that sits on top of the espresso cup. Carefully sipping this soup, I suddenly felt so excited for the holidays that was coming in a few days. Here’s another dish that shows how versatile the Anchor Maple Butter was.

lolo dad's anchor maple 6
The third dish was the Pimenton Infused Oil Poached Fillet of Sea Bass with Sauteed Lobster Vol-au-vent with Anchor Maple and Caviar Sabayon. This dish spells L-O-V-E. One bite and I was blown away by the tender, melt-in-your-mouth seabass as well as the meaty lobster that sits on top of a puff pastry and covered with a creamy Anchor Maple caviar sauce. If that night was my last night on earth (as the day after was said to be the end of the world 12.21.12 which thankfully wasn’t true), then I would have died a happy satisfied girl.

lolo dad's anchor maple 7
When dining at Lolo Dad’s, make sure that you have allotted around 2-3 hours for the entire meal. Each dish is meant to be savored through and through. No chance can you rush your way from appetizer to dessert as the complimentary Sorbet will tell you to slow down and enjoy each bite. I love Lolo Dad’s Calamansi Sorbet and once again, I was in hopes that I’ll be lucky this time and the food genie will come out from that cute dainty-looking pot to grant me my food wishes. Well, no genie once again but I still felt like a winner with all these mouthwatering dishes that was served to me that evening.

lolo dad's anchor maple 8
Moving forward, we had our main entree. Who can ever say no to Chef Ariel’s Roast Eye of Rib Eye Steak with Anchor Maple Butter Cafe de Paris, Braised Short Rib filled Fried Potatoes. For a dish this good, I really didn’t mind the long name. Upon seeing the thick cut of rib eye, I immediately thought of my husband Paul who loves Lolo Dad’s steak. I carefully sliced through the rib eye and marveled at how my knife easily went through the tender meat. No tugging, no struggling needed instead happily kept my poise as I gracefully sliced the meat, swirled it around the sauce and spread a thin layer of Lolo Dad’s homemade spread with Anchor Maple Butter and parsley before taking a bite. Trust Chef Ariel to continue to surprise you all throughout your meal. Beside the steak was a deep fried potato ball, slicing this open I saw that it was filled with braised short ribs. Yum! This is every meat lover’s fantasy, I tell you.

lolo dad's anchor maple 3
I was in the verge of raising the white flag as I obviously wasn’t ready for such a feast. However, upon seeing my dessert plate, I knew I have to expand my tummy’s capacity a bit so as not to miss out on this beautiful masterpiece. We had the Red Velvet Waffle with Whipped Anchor Maple and Cheese Cannoli sprinkled with “Ber” Berries. I can’t believe that we have been enjoying Anchor Maple Butter from start to end! I love anything Red Velvet and the salty cheese cannoli once again contrasted with the sweet whipped anchor maple butter. It was a mild and smooth dessert perfect to cap the night off together with a cup of decaf coffee.

After our dinner, we were presented with a gift basket filled with a block of Anchor Maple Butter and a bottle of Chef Ariel’s special Garlic Maple Spread! I loved this so much that I’ve been having bread in every meal in order to just have a reason to eat the spread.

lolo dad's anchor maple 9
On New Year’s morning, I thought of trying a new recipe out by using the Anchor Maple Butter. Look what I’ve created! I call it Frannywanny’s Breakfast Maple and Walnut Muffin! It’s my special pancakes in a muffin cup with walnut chunks and the sweet flavor of Anchor Maple Butter.

Looks like this 2013 will be extra sweeter as I’ll be enjoying Anchor Maple Butter year round!

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