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It’s true when they say that being a mother goes on for a lifetime. I’m 30 and having been married for 3 years, this doesn’t spare me from receiving my mom’s endless reminders on a regular basis. We used to live under the same roof and even Paul would also be part “beneficiary” of her daily reminders to eat healthy, avoid fast food and to exercise. Readers of this blog must have noticed that I would always describe my Mommy as a very healthy eater. Well, she really is. I got to hand it to her as she can stare straight at a bag of chips while saying NO. No hesitations, no double takes. She makes sure that we have fruit and veggies for both lunch and dinner and for Christmas, she even gave me a free pass to her gym in hopes that I would finally start a more active regimen. It’s no wonder that she maintains a very sexy 23-inch waistline and still finds the need to exercise for health reasons. How I wish, I got that specific gene type from her.

Going back to exercising, I would try…I really would but my busy schedule in Manila has always given me sufficient excuses not to visit the gym. Eating out has been so convenient as well that I fail to realize that it’s not doing any good to my body. This realization came in just a few weeks ago when Paul and I relocated to the Lion City. One big change is that I have to bid goodbye to the luxury of having a car and being driven around the city as we have to commute all around town on a daily basis. From riding the bus to the MTR, we have to walk at least 500 meters to the nearest bus stop. On the first few days, I seriously thought I wouldn’t survive life here.

Together with the package of living on our own comes having to do our own household chores. I’m blessed that Paul is a natural in the kitchen and that assures me that I’ll never go hungry for life. However, there are just nights when I suddenly can feel my tummy rumbling and not even a piece of cracker could tame it. These are the moments when all I want is a bowl of noodle soup. It’s not as heavy as a burger but it definitely could satisfy your hunger. What I love about Paul’s instant noodle soup is that he would gourmet-ized this. Instead of just dumping the noodles in the boiling water and serving it once ready, he would add an egg and some fresh fish balls too. I tell you, he must be a Chef in his past life!

lucky me 1
Look what came in the package straight from sunny Manila! A couple of packs of the new Lucky Me! Lite in two yummy flavors. I love the baby pink packaging of the Chicken na Chicken flavour as well as the blue matte feel of the Beef na Beef Instant Mami Noodles. It reminds me of the noodles being sold in Korea where they normally have a matte packaging instead of the usual glossy type. Very premium looking, in my opinion.

lucky me three steps
How to cook instant noodles in 3 easy steps!
Going back to these Lucky Me! Lite noodles, we tried it for dinner one evening and I instantly noticed that it truly wasn’t as salty compared to the kind of instant noodles we used to consume before. As usual, Paul cooked this with eggs and fish balls making it a great comfort dish given that I had such a stressful load at work that day.

My Mommy would be happy to know that there’s a less sodium variant of Lucky Me! Instant Noodles that will be out in the market very soon. I can totally foresee her filling our cupboard with these too.

Like what I said, a mother continues to be a mother for life. I’m glad though that my mommy never gets tired of reminding us to live a better and healthier life as this is something that we will take with us all through our old age and hopefully I’ll be able to pass on the same reminders to my kids someday. Not wanting to sound cliché-ish but it’s true when they say, Mothers are always right.

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Frannywanny on Lucky Me Lite's Pinterest board! ♥ ♥ ♥  
Lucky Me! Lite comes in two flavors: Chicken na Chicken & Beef na Beef. These two new variants are available in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores near you. For more information visit the Lucky Me! Lite microsite http://luckymelite.mondenissin.com/

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