Snack Time : Kirby's Chicharon Manila

It's Monday and I hope this simple entry will chase all our Manic Monday blues away. :)

Last week, a white bag was delivered to our home. I've been working from home for the past days and I've come to accept the fact that it is not as fun and easy as it sounds. Sure, I don't have to wake up extra early to get dressed, prepare my breakfast and to walk 500++ meters to our bus stop + 3 blocks to get to my office building but I still get very preoccupied with the never-ending work load that comes my way. Don't get me wrong, every day I thank my lucky stars for allowing me to land into this new career that I really love. Finally, the line between work and play is starting to get narrower and narrower each day.

kirby chicharon manila 1
Going back to the mysterious white bag, while it simply has a red sticker in front, the name alone was enough to elicit a couple of whoops and cheers from the members of our household. Who wouldn't cheer after all when the label says : Kirby's Chicharon Manila.

Yes, for a family who generally tries to eat healthy on a daily basis, this bag just landed in the right place. We're a chicharon-loving family and it came just at the right time that everyone was at home to welcome it with open arms.

kirby chicharon manila 2
Opening the bag, we were all so excited to see two vacuumed-sealed plastic bags filled to the brim with crunchy chicharon. It's the kind that we all like. It has just the tiny amount of laman (meat/fat) and more skin. We love how neatly it was sealed and that there was zero greasy feeling as we held the bag. This is perfect for those who plans to take this to their relatives and friends abroad.

The chicharon was not very salty and it was indeed very crunchy still. We had this after dinner one evening and everyone agreed that it was less oily compared to other chicharon brands in the market. Indeed, Kirby's Chicharon got everyone's thumb-up sign after enjoying an entire bag in one sitting.

Kirby's Chicharon is cooked, sealed and shipped all the way from the land of chicharon -- Carcar in Cebu. This is really the go-to place for the best chicharon in the country thus every trip to Cebu is not complete without me hoarding all the yummy-looking bags of chicharon that I can find. Luckily though, this chicharon is now available in Manila so that saves us from having to book a plane ticket should we suddenly crave for it in the middle of the day. There are two sizes available: 100g (Php. 130) and 50g (Php. 70). The price is very reasonable and all you have to do is to add in the shipping cost and your bag of Kirby's Chicharon will immediately be delivered to you the next day.

For more information, you may contact Kirby's Chicharon Manila at +63-917-5543325 or email them at

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