Bag Review: Crumpler Haven Camera Pouch

People always have this misconception that girls spend more money in shopping that guys do. I definitely beg to differ. Shopping to girls is like a good diet, yes we do shop more frequently but for most women, we spend less in terms of peso/dollar value than our better half does. Just like eating, we eat more frequently but we take in smaller quantities each time.

Paul and I are not major shopaholics as we only hit the malls here in Manila whenever we need to. It's a different case in Singapore though as we spend more time at the mall to eat, do our grocery shopping and to familiarize ourselves with our new location.

Going back to shopping, Paul rarely buys anything but when he does, it's something that he has thought long and hard about it. We all know that he is truly passionate and is talented in photography and that alone is a big investment already. While other guys his age would probably spend money on watches, shoes or toy cars, he has his eyes set on his camera and its accompanying gears. Well, I'm not complaining as I know taking photos makes him very happy.

Once a week, he would take his gears out and would patiently clean them. He takes very good care of his camera and ensures that it's stored in a very secured location at home where the temparature is alright and it's away from dust too. For the longest time, he has been lugging around a huge bag that initially came with his first camera. I would tease him that he looks like an ice buko vendor due to the size and weight of his camera. Finally he gave in and invested in a new bag for his babies. Of course, only one brand came to mind when he was scouting around for the said bag and that's CRUMPLER.

crumpler 1
Thus, a few months ago, we headed to the Crumpler store in Bonifacio Global City for his new camera bag. Even buying a bag came with some thorough research, he spent a couple of nights on his tab weighing the various bag options available. Finally, he decided to get the Crumpler Haven (L) Camera Pouch (Php. 2,250).

I know some of you might gawk at the expensive price tag that came with the bag. Don't worry, I had the same reaction too. However, let me share with you why I eventually realized that my husband made a good choice with this bag.

crumpler 3
First off, the material was very lightweight. Weighing only 0.3kg, this bag has all the right padding to protect his gears from sudden bumps and *knock on the wood* falls. It's water resistant too which has proved how amazing it was as it rains almost every single day in the Lion City. Paul simply had to wipe the outer cloth and his camera and gears luckily stayed dry inside.

crumpler 2
Since he has a lot of tiny items such as his memory cards, brush and whathaveyou, this pouch comes with 5 exterior pockets where each item can be stored.

crumpler 4
Lastly, just like any other Crumpler bag, it comes with a Lifetime guarantee. It's a no-nonsense camera pouch that's simple and very handy. There are three colors available - grey (as seen here), red and green.

This bag is available in all Crumpler Philippines stores in Bonifacio Highstreet, Trinoma Mall, SM Megamall and Robinsons Ermita in Manila. 

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