Taste Central : Online Shopping at its Finest

It's no secret how much Paul and I loves...as in LOVESSS Deal Grocer. It's the only deal site that we make sure to visit on a weekly basis. Online shopping is no joke after all. I don't shop that much and I really am extra cautious especially when I'm using my credit card to pay. The last thing I want is to fall victim to credit card frauds. That's why we stay loyal only to websites that we trust.

A few weeks ago, as we were browsing through the DG site, we noticed that whenever we click on any of their food or home products, we get directed to a whole new website. Initially we thought it was a mistake but as we looked closely at the new page, it says : The Official Retail Partner of Deal Grocer

taste central
The website is called Taste Central and it goes beyond offering price offs for restaurants or travel deals, it gives you a whole new shopping experience as you can buy home, food and fashion items with just a few clicks! It's perfect for people like me who do not like going to the mall and yet is in dire need to update her wardrobe from time to time. 

Call it fate when I received an email from the cool folks of Taste Central offering me free shopping credits to give their website a try. Of course, I said yes! I've been eyeing that bottle of Truffle Salt for days and this was the perfect chance to grab it before it gets sold out. 

Paul and I browsed through the website and were impressed that it was very organized and the choices were all good! It made choosing quite a challenge as we wanted a lot of things! 

Finally we went with two items:
taste central

Camden Spendid 4-pc Sheet Set (Php. 3,795)
This is perfect as we have to stock up on more beddings and linens now that we're living away from home. 

taste central
Sabatino & Co. Truffle Salt (Php. 1,000)
This is to give in to my truffle addiction! I can't wait to sprinkle this on my fries, potato chips, pasta, scrambled eggs and more! 

Making your purchase in Taste Central was just as easy as clicking on the item, going to the Check Out page, making your payment and all you have to do is to wait for 3-5 working days for your items to be delivered to you. It has the same shopping and payment system as Deal Grocer so we were pretty much used to the whole process. 

taste central
We were ready to wait for 3 days as stated in the website but were both so surprised to see this box waiting outside our room the next day. It was that FAST and I was very impressed! 

taste central
This letter came with the package, talk about customized service. Thank you Taste Central

taste central
Finally, I got my Truffle Salt and I handed the Bedding Set to Paul. :) I opened the bottle, took a sniff and was immediately transported to truffle nirvana. I'm so happy with my purchase and same like Deal Grocer, I love Taste Central as well. 

Why not give Taste Central a try! Would love to hear your shopping experience too!

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