Roomie Tales : Lady Satin Pillowcases

Once in a while, a food blogger has to let go of her spoon, fork and chopsticks and to start getting domesticated outside the kitchen (and the dining room).

lady satin 3
A few months ago, the sweet lady behind Lady Satin sent me a box of white pillowcases for Paul and I to try. I honestly really didn't think much about it as I thought it was just one of those pillowcases found in any home store. It took us a while to use it as initially kept it in our storage box and waited for the right time to open it.

lady satin 1
Well, the right time came recently when we moved to our new home and I figured that it would be nice to start using some of our new bedroom linens as well. On our first night here, I was surprised at how good it felt on my face. I grew up using cotton pillowcases and it was only when I began using these satin pillowcases that I realized how much better these are compared to the ones I've been using for the past 30 years of my life!

lady satin 2
For the past weeks, I noticed that there was not a single hair strand found on the bed or on our pillows. I have major falling hair situation and I realized how our bed has remained fallen hair-free for two weeks already. It doesn't also absorb much oil compared to how a cotton pillowcase would so you're assured of less contamination or breeding of bacteria since the material stays dry all throughout.

Lady Satin pillowcases also promises less creases on the face which later could result to wrinkles too. I don't have much proof for this yet but I'm hoping this would truly be the long term effect of switching to satin pillowcases.

I love Lady Satin and I'm so excited to buy more designs! Extra care is needed to wash this though but it's pretty manageable, nonetheless.

Price list:
1 piece: Php. 450
2 pieces: Php. 800
10 piece set: Php. 3,500

For more information, visit the official Lady Satin website.

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