Made in Candy at the Powerplant Mall

Happy Easter, my dear readers!!!

Today, we will be heading to church to attend the Easter Sunday Mass and later on will also be having lunch with the entire family. Next to Christmas, this is probably the next big religious holiday where families get together and spend time with each other. For those with kids, they're most likely headed to any of the major hotels and shopping malls to take part of the fun Easter activities lined up. I know for a fact that my niece Julia will surely enjoy this day as she just loves joining Easter Egg Hunts! She's barely 5 years old and yet she has become an expert in searching for those eggs and always ends up with lots of yummy candies which were inserted inside. 

Speaking of candies, let me share with you one ambition that I have. A few years ago, I really wanted to be a lolliologist. Not that I wanted for it to be my main profession, but I'm really interested to learn how to mold and create rock candies. Well, it's not too late for any dream to come true so I'm still keeping this one in my bucket list. 

made in candy 7
A few months ago, my family and I chanced upon Made in Candy. It's located right at the middle of the Powerplant Mall and what drew us towards the shop are the rows after rows of rock candies. Look how colorful and yummy looking they are! 

made in candy 2
As we girls were going through the shelves searching for what flavor to get; Paul and Papa were busy watching the lolliologists or Candy Artisans, as they're called at Made in Candy, prepare a mixture for their next candy creation. 

Made in Candy actually originated from Singapore. It's the first rock candy brand in Asia. The first time I came across these yummy candies was during Len &Tim's engagement party as they gave out packs of customized T ♥ L candies to all guests. Not only did it looked good, it had a delicious strawberry flavor too. I got so addicted to it that I had to consciously stop after my 3rd candy every day so as not to go beyond my normal sugar level. I loved it so much that I was actually bugging Paul that we should consider bringing in the franchise for this here in Manila. 

made in candy 1
Obviously, someone moved and thought quicker than we did that less than two years after that, Made in Candy finally opened its first shop here in the Philippines. They even sent me a bunch of candies and lollies to try!

The prices are very reasonable and this makes a really great giveaway option for weddings, debuts, anniversary parties, corporate events and baptism. You can also give them out for Christmas or Easter (that's today!).

made in candy 3
That day, they were creating a pink and green logo design candy. It took them more than an hour to complete the whole process of cooking the syrup, pouring it on the table, mixing in the food color, dividing, pulling, cutting and shaping. 

made in candy 4
Watching the how the candy was made was very entertaining and as soon as they began mixing, more and more people stopped by to watch. From what initially was an empty store was filled with curious mall-goers of all ages. 

made in candy 5
Creating candies is hard work. Just imagine the effort and time required to create just one design. Imagine how long it took them to fill up their shelves! No wonder those Candy Artisans have really muscular biceps. That's an instant workout on a daily basis!
made in candy 6
Made in Candy Price List:
35g jars : Php. 50
75g foil bags: Php. 100
135g jars: Php. 260
Lollipop: Php 70
Customization: Php. 8,000 - Php. 11,000

Check out Made in Candy at the 2nd level of the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center in Makati City. 

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