Back at The Cheese Steak Shop in Amorsolo, Makati

Paul and I love sandwiches. Back when we were dating, there was actually a period then when we would go to Subway every so often and share a footlong sandwich. Our staple variant was the one with shredded kani sticks with mayonnaise. We loved it so much that we were both so sad that they decided to remove it from the menu permanently. I guess our regular patronage wasn't enough to keep it up on the menu board for a long period of time.

Aside from Subway, we also love bun sandwiches -- beefy burger for him, crunchy and deep-fried fish sandwich for me. However, when it comes to Cheesesteak sandwiches, there's only one place in Manila that has won our hearts and loyalty. That's the Cheese Steak Shop along Amorsolo street in Makati. More than a year ago, we first visited The Cheese Steak Shop back in their first location along Arnaiz road. The move wasn't too drastic as they literally moved just a few block away. This store had more parking spaces but it can still be extremely crowded during weekdays. This is the reason why we always make it a point to eat at The Cheese Steak Shop during off-peak hours on weekends.

On our last few days in Manila, Paul and I met up with fellow bloggers Spanky, Richie and Roch for a fun Cheesesteak lunch. We tried two of their newest products -- the Breakfast Cheesesteak (add Php. 100 to your choice of Cheesesteak) and the French Dip Cheesesteak with Au Jus sauce (Php. 320 / Php. 520 / Php. 850).

cheesesteak shop 1
I love breakfast food thus I was so excited to try the Breakfast Cheesesteak. We got a 10" Bacon Beef Cheesesteak (Php. 520) and requested that this be upgraded breakfast-style. What makes the upgrade so neat is that it also comes up any vendo drink of your choice. Look! Our 10" Cheese Steak came with two sunny side up eggs. This is indeed perfect to be shared by two. After splitting this in half, I began to dig in. I love how the yolk dramatically runs along the side of the Amoroso bun and in the process soaking up the beef as well. It made it extra creamier and I loved it! Paul was reminding me that we have another cheesesteak to try so I really have to pace myself. I can't help it, as much as I wanted to just take a small bite, one bite led to another and the more I ate, the more I enjoyed the Breakfast Cheesesteak. Before I knew it, my plate was empty.

cheesesteak shop 2
What's a cheesesteak lunch without sidings? Aside from sandwiches, we both love Onion Rings (Php. 120 / 180) too! As such, we've been around town trying various onion rings served in either an American diner, a fast food or even in hotels. The Cheese Steak Shop's version was quite similar to those served in fast food outlets as they have the same kind of coating only it's bigger in size and the onion rings were obviously hand-sliced and not the processed kind. Nonetheless, I love munching on their onion rings which goes so well with our cheesesteak sandwiches.

cheesesteak shop 3
Lastly, we had the French Dip Cheesesteak with Au Jus sauce. I was so happy that they finally have this as it's really hard to find a restaurant that serves really good cheesesteak with equally good au jus sauce. There was one that attempted before but sadly it failed miserably in taste and authenticity. I like my au jus really flavorful. It is, after all, the juice from the meat itself. A really good au jus in my books shouldn't be extremely oily too. I know some would cook it from the fat (similar to gravy) but I simply want to enjoy my French Dip minus the threat of having a heart attack.

The French Dip at The Cheese Steak Shop was pretty good. I love how the sauce gave even more flavor to the sandwich. It can be quite messy to eat as you'll get sauce dripping down your hands but hey, that's part of the experience.

Between the two sandwiches though, I have to be honest and say that I still love the Breakfast Cheesesteak more. I love anything with eggs and the combination of egg and steak just goes hand in hand. The boys loved the French Dip though, this just goes to show that with more choices now up on The Cheese Steak Shop's menu board, it now gives everyone a chance to pick their own favorite.

The Cheese Steak Shop is located at 140 Amorsolo street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Call them at 555-1818 / 555-0235. They also have a branch at the Fort Strip near Fitness First. 

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