Turning 31 on '13!

To be honest, I wasn't really expecting a big birthday celebration to happen this year. Unlike most birthdays where I would be celebrating it for almost two weeks, I honestly didn't have much plans of being busy and celebratory this year. If anything, I look forward to having a quiet birthday for a change. All I had planned for was to have lunch with my flatmates and friends -- 6 amazing people who have made Singapore feel like home to me. They're my new family here and basically, all I wanted was to simply spend my special day with them.

frannywanny birthday 2013
What I didn't expect were obviously the surprises that came from friends and my own family back in Manila. They indeed took the extra effort and time to send something my way. I am really touched as they really didn't have to do it. A lot obviously wouldn't as to send something overseas, we all know, entails a great deal of planning, some online clicking and a couple of peso spending too. Papa always tells me that it's the thought that count but these surprises that I got today made me realized that true and real friendship knows no distance. To Jane/Jeff, Estee and to my family (Ma, Pa, Pan and Ton)...THANK YOU

Today was really a happy day. You obviously can see my gums peeping out of that smile of mine in the picture above. I guess my heart really coudn't contain the joy that I feel today. It's an amazing feeling to hear from long time friends and family and most importantly, to spend the entire day (physically and virtually) with the people who matters most to me.

To share the birthday happiness, I am so excited to announce the two lucky readers who will be receiving a Php. 1,000 Gift Certificate each from Mitsuyado Sei-Men! Congratulations to...

Hooray! Please do expect an email from me very soon. :) 

Tomorrow, the fun will continue! Let me leave you with a clue on what's happening..the day after my birthday. ;) 

frannywanny birthday 2013

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