Getting Artsy and Crafty with Canon Pixma Printer!

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Don't you just love the weekend? I Do!

Most of all, I love lazy weekends where no big agenda is lined up and you can just tinker around the house for as long as you want. Lately, I've been having lazy weekends where I get to sleep more, to catch up on my personal projects and just recently, to learn something new! No matter how old we are, I always believe that learning should go on forever and ever.

canon sg 9
A few weeks ago, I joined 9 fellow bloggers for an afternoon of arts and craft. This was organized by Canon and we got to try using a number of the Canon Pixma Printers on display. All I brought with me was an SD card and within minutes, I was able to print 3 of my favorite photos plus my very own logo on photo paper! It's cool that the printer has a slot for SD card as well as a USB port allowing you to print directly without connecting it to your laptop.

I love arts and craft most especially when it got something to do with paper. Not known to many, I have a big fetish for papers -- the cute ones, the shiny ones, the textured ones and even the cottony furry ones -- I LOVE them all! I got to admit though that between my sister and I, she's the one with more artistic skills. I can't draw to save my life yet, I never give up. I used to have my own scrapbook which later turned into my travel journal. While it had zero illustrations in it, it's filled with cut-outs and print-outs of my personal photos. I just love going through it every so often to reminisce.

canon sg 10
That afternoon, we were taught 3 easy projects that one can create as Holiday gifts : Passport Holder, Luggage Tag and Postcard. I was personally so excited to learn how to make passport holders! So we cut, measured and pasted. Little by little, what used to just be a sheet of colored paper eventually turned into something recognizable. I was so excited! I made a combination of blue and orange for my own passport holder. Here's the inside with pockets! Tadahhh!

canon sg 11
I was also able to attach a cute brown button that served as lock for my passport holder. To hold it in place, I attached a sticky tape behind it. The same goes for the elastic band that will loop around the button. Finally, for extra reinforcements, I covered the end of the elastic band with a sheet of paper. That should hold it.

canon sg 12
Finally, as I have my passport holder in place. I began decorating it. I'm a minimalist type of girl so I really do not like over-decorating things. Sticking related images together somehow tells a story yet leaves enough mystery too.

canon sg 13
Here's the back portion of the Passport Holder. Of course, I just have to put a mark that it's MINE! There's my logo with my face on it as I've just personalized my own passport holder.

canon sg 14
After admiring and showing off our passport holders, we moved on to the 2nd project -- luggage tag. This one was really easy and we were all able to do this within minutes.

We were also taught to create our very own postcards. I've been collecting postcards here which I hope I can someday send to my parents back home. I'm old fashioned that way, I just hope our local postal service in Manila will cooperate and will really deliver my postcard straight to our doorstep.

As the event ended, we were each given our very own Canon Pixma printer to try at home. Hooray!

canon sg 1
I got the MG6370 which is a wireless printer with built-in scanner. How cool is that?! Researching more about it, I found out that it was launched a few months ago and retails at S$299.  More about this very SOON!

It was indeed a very productive afternoon. I really love getting the sense of fulfillment that you not only have learned something new but you've successfully created a masterpiece too.

Want to create your own art project? Check out the Canon Pixma Town website to see all the cute templates and designs that you can print out. Let the (paper) fun begin!

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