Travelling Smart with Xplore Vacuum Bag

Now that we're on the topic of staycations and traveling, let me talk about one travel item that Paul loves very much -- meet the Xplore Vacuum Bag.

While we have been traveling for almost half a decade now, it was only during our Honeymoon that Paul had his first hand experience of how it really is when you travel with a woman. Since we went on a two-week-long overseas trip, I had to make sure that I brought all the necessary items and that means the right amount of clothes, shoes, accessories, toiletries and more. Needless to say, my things alone took up 80% of our luggage space while he had all the things that he thinks he just needs in the remaining 20%. Year on year, packing has always been our main traveling issue. He would ask me to minimize on my jeans, tops and all other items while I would also negotiate for this and that. Note that we never went beyond the allowable luggage weight but I guess our things are just too bulky that it fills up our luggage right away. This is even with him finding a way to pack our clothes more efficiently as taught in YouTube.

vacuum bag 1
Early this year, we were faced with a dilemma. How to bring almost 80% of our things to Singapore? With four big luggages to use, we have to device a way to get all our stuff in there without the need of leaving any valuable item behind. That's when we came across Xplore Vacuum Bag.

vacuum bag 2
One pack comes with two big plastic bags where Paul had all our bedsheets, linens and towels in one bag and the other one had his precious polos and shirts. Perfect!

vacuum bag 3
Here's where the magic happens, as soon as all items are in place and we've zipped the bag, we made use of the vacuum cleaner to suck out all the air inside the bag. Tadahhh! No special equipment needed for this. You can also use a hand pump or if all else fails just press down up until the bag flattens.

vacuum bag 4
As soon as the entire bag crinkles up and looked extremely "vacuumed" then you cover the lid so as not to let any air in. We got 4 of these inside our luggage and believe me it really freed up a good amount of space. This is every traveler's must-have and I'm so glad to came across this.

How about you? What's your biggest travel dilemna? Share it with me below!

However, if you feel our pain and is also in need of a good solution for your bulky luggage items, then check this out! You may visit Xplore's official Facebook page to know more about the different bags available and the corresponding prices.

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