Father's Day Gift Idea : Fruits in Bloom

Father's Day is happening this Sunday and I'm so happy that I was able to pre-celebrate it with Papa a few days ago. It's hard being away from the family most especially during occasions such as these. This year, we celebrated it a few days earlier to coincide with my family's visit here in the Lion City. Of course, my Papa loves steak so we took him out for a delicious steak dinner! Oh, the smile on his face as he enjoyed his big piece of ribeye was priceless.

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It's no big secret that I am indeed a Daddy's Girl. I'm lucky to have a loving dad who would go the distance just to make me and Pan happy. I guess, I'm blessed because aside from having an amazing Dad, I also have the best Kongkong (grandfather) and the coolest Father in Law too! :)

While I believe that we have to show our loved ones how special they are to us not only for a day but for all 365 (or 366) days in a year, Father's Day is one occasion where we treat them like kings and give them the royal treatment.

I guess you know by now how much I love Fruits in Bloom. I really love giving edible gifts and in this day and age that we have to be extra cautious about what we eat, I just like the idea that we're giving something pretty healthy and nutricious.

For Father's Day, Fruits in Bloom has two special arrangements that you can avail for your dad, husband, brother or grandfather.

The Papa arrangement consists of apple slices covered with milk chocolate, banana, strawberries and grapes.

Should you want to load your dad up with Vitamin C, the Dad arrangement has slices of oranges, chocolate-covered apple slices, kiwi, strawberry and grapes.

There you have it! If you're thinking of what you can give to the man of the house this Father's Day, surprise him with a bouquet...a fruit bouquet by Fruits in Bloom!

Fruits in Bloom delivers within Metro Manila. For inquiries and orders, call 812-0380 or visit their shop at 109 Rada street, Frabella building, Makati City. 

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