Tech Review: Unboxing the Canon Pixma MG6370

canon sg 1
After attending the fun arts and craft workshop by Canon Pixma a few weeks ago, I happily went home with a spanking new printer. The total box weight was 11KG and despite having to taking the bus and to walk a short distance home, I didn't mind as Canon very thoughtfully provided us with a lightweight stroller too. How cool is that?

canon sg 2
You know the feeling of driving home a new car and you just can't wait for the moment where you'll take it out for a ride and there you'll get to discover more amazing things about it? That's exactly how I felt when Paul and I unboxed the Canon Pixma MG6370 printer. Let's look at it at face-value, I have to say that it was love at first sight. I couldn't stop admiring the beautiful white finish that just makes it look so classy. I placed it on top of our wooden TV cabinet and it just blended in just fine. The printer comes with a flatbed scanner, two paper trays and a touch-screen panel. Gone are the days of noisy printers that would wake the entire household up when you have to print something at the middle of the night. This one doesn't make a single beep allowing you to work in silence.

canon sg 3
This printer comes with 6 ink catridges. Others might instantly think it can be more costly this way as you'll have to keep on buying inks but if you think about it, you can then just replace a single color as it runs out which eliminates the chances of wastage. Unlike other printers with just a black and a colored catridge, as soon as the blue or the yellow runs out, either you'll be forced to replace the catridge or to bare with faded print outs till the catridge empties out.

Okay, let's get down to business.

canon sg 4
The fun part of having a new gadget or equipment is setting the whole thing up. I love how there are light sensors to show that you have inserted the ink catridges correctly. Very futuristic don't you think?

 canon sg 5
It was easy to configure the printer as we synced it to our wireless network. There will be 5 of us who will be using the printer so we truly appreciated the convenience of having a wireless printer connection that will allow us to easily print our documents without the need of a cable. All we had to do was to install the printer driver into our respective laptops and we have been scanning, printing and copying using our wireless network. At this point, I'm deeply in love with our Canon Pixma MG6370 already. Now that we have set-up our printer, it's now time to take it for a "test drive". Okay...what to print first. Ah, I know!

canon sg 7

I tried printing my logo out and I just love how vivid the colors were. This full page print out is now displayed on our wall which happily greets Paul every morning! Yes, the Frannywanny logo greets my husband with a big bright smile every single day. ;o) I continued to explore what else our printer can do. So far, I've scanned a couple of documents using the wireless connection, printed our Dirty Dancing tickets and printed some photos for my parents too! I love it! It's so easy to use and I love how the quality is just so impressive.

canon pixma frannywanny
Having such a very efficient printer makes us all the more excited to get more crafty. Here's one that we recently made. I downloaded a pattern from the Canon Pixma Town and created this colorful birthday banderitas for our dear friend C. The pattern made it so easy to create this mini work of art. All you have to do is to print it out, cut it into the right triangular shape and attached it into a rope or ribbon. C was surprised and pleased to see this on the eve of his birthday. Yay!

Here's the complete specifications of the Canon Pixma MG6370.

Up next: Easy to do Arts and Craft project you can do with your Canon Pixma printer!

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