Tapping my way for Pizza! : Shakey’s PCM Mobile Application


Let me tell you why I love talking about food.

Putting aside the fact that it nourishes people and it gives us the energy to keep us on the go, I always see eating as a very positive and happy activity. Like what I mentioned before, people eat to celebrate or whenever there’s an occasion. When we’re feeling down, more often than not, we rely on food to uplift our spirits. There’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to food. Food and taste is very subjective. You can’t say that someone is wrong before he or she doesn’t have the same judgement as you do on a certain dish. What may be ultimately delicious for you may not sit well with the person beside you. Nonetheless, there’s no reason to debate over it as our taste buds are all different from one another.

Thus, when the conversation for the best pizza comes around, I stand by my long time favourite – Shakey’s Thin Crust Pizza. What are my favourite flavours? Definitely Hawaiian and Friday’s Special.

My relationship with Shakey’s goes way back. It dates back to when Pan and I were still in grade school and Mommy would always leave money for us to order our afternoon merienda every time we’re at home studying for our final exams. This only happens three times in a school year and boy, this was one of our fondest childhood memories nonetheless. Our final exams would go on for a week and every afternoon, we would rotate among the different fast foods establishments located in our neighbourhood.

As for Shakey’s, our order remains the same – a bucket of Mojos with two sauces and a Thin Crust Friday’s Special Pizza. We know our orders by heart that we don’t even have to look at the menu whenever we call their delivery hotline. We continued this tradition as we went through high school and during our university years. At present, we would still have Shakey’s on days when the both of us are working from home or when we’re both stress and badly needed a pizza break. That’s almost two decades worth of pizza and mojos love affair!

shakeys PCM
Shakey’s has been my go-to pizza place whenever there’s an occasion. I ordered two large pizzas during the birthday of my colleague J and a few months ago, during my despedida (goodbye) party for my Summit Media family. I work with 4 editorial teams plus I am part of the publisher’s group and I have my creative team under me too. Adding it all up, I have to prepare food for about 40-50 pax. As I was so busy with the turn-over and preparing for my next job which involves also packing our stuff for major relocation, I really do not have the luxury of time to do major planning and it was a good thing that I found the new Shakey’s PCM Mobile App!

shakeys PCM
It’s free in the Apple App Store and I downloaded it the day before my despedida party. It’s very user-friendly that I immediately learned how to use it within minutes of opening the app and go through the step-by-step process.

Here’s how to use the Shakey’s PCM Mobile App in 7 easy steps:

1) First things first, do you have a Shakey’s Supercard? All Shakey’s lovers should have one as it immediately gives you a buy-1-get-1-pizza deal every time you place an order! I can’t live without my Supercard! However, if you don't have one on hand, that's perfectly fine. Just proceed with your order.
shakeys PCM
2) Next, you choose your pizza. The program will immediately determine how many pizzas will be included depending on the size of your party. In my case, I went for the biggest set.
3) After, you choose the beverage that goes with your meal.
4) As soon as you press the NEXT button, a prompt message will appear asking if you want Chicken and/or Pasta. For the party, I kept it simple and just had lots of pizza and sodas. However, let’s say you do so…
5) You get to choose among the two kinds of pasta available or the three sizes of Chicken & Mojo baskets.
shakeys PCM
6) As you’ve finalized your order, you will be led to the check-out page. This is where you’ll see a summary of what will be delivered to you and their corresponding prices.
7) Click next and you will have to fill it in with your delivery information. Once you’re done, your order will be sent via SMS.
That’s it! Easy as a-b-c! Wait for it and your box of pizza will immediately be delivered to you.

Among all the fast food establishments that offer a delivery service, so far Shakey’s has never failed me. It arrives on time and the rider always gets our order right. Throughout the years of us ordering our pizza and mojos, we always get our food piping hot and fresh.

I’m so happy that they have made ordering so much easier as you can actually place your order anytime, anywhere and expect to have your food delivered straight to your doorstep. No need to give them a call as a simple SMS sent by the app will do. I can imagine doing this on my way home and will time it accordingly that the rider gets to deliver my pizza just right before for dinner.

For more information, like Shakey’s Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Twitter (@PHShakeys) too! Craving for pizza now? Download the Shakey’s PCM app!

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