Sharing the love with my Canon Pixma Printer

Last weekend, our dear friends C and I finally tied the knot. Paul and I were feeling a bit glum that we were not present to witness this beautiful union. As such, I kept myself updated by viewing all their lovely photos on Instagram. *sigh* Then, I had an idea. We should surprise them and welcome them back to Singapore as the new Mr. and Mrs. J!

Now the question is…HOW???

I paced around the house trying to come up with an idea on what we can do that will surely surprise them. Remember that I recently made C a birthday banner so I needed to do something else. Then I thought of checking the Canon Singapore page out.


canon creative park singapore
Welcome to the Canon Creative Park! I clapped my hands in glee and jumped around the house (okay’s more like prance around) as if I found a goldmine…well it sure does feel like it.

Okay, now what to do? *rubbing her hands together* I just love how the website has ready templates and instructions for you to do your arts and craft projects. It has been decades since I’ve created something out of paper and it does feel good to just spend this lazy Saturday doing this with Paul.

canon pixma 3
We chose these adorable paper craft dolls of a Bride and a Groom. Somehow they remind us of our always smiling friends C and I. We printed the pattern on clean sheets of A4paper. You may also use the Canon photo paper as the instruction suggested but we think these regular paper did just fine as well.

canon pixma 4
With a pair of scissors each, we cut and followed the lines as we began putting together the pieces to create our craft project. The step-by-step guide was very easy to follow. We began creating the Groom Bubblehead first followed by the pretty Bride. We really loved the tiny details such as the boutonniere, the floral bouquet and even the crown on the head of the bride. Cute!

canon pixma 5
Finally, within less than an hour, here’s our cute paper crafts which we call lil C and lil I. What do you think? Cute isn’t it? I was so surprised that it was so easy to create and the beautiful printing quality made it even more attractive.

We really love our friends C and I very much and believe that they do deserve all these wonderful blessings that the world can give. Here’s wishing them eternal marital bliss, love and lots of babies! ♥

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