Burger Night at Two Blur Guys in Orchid Hotel

One night, while working late at the office, I blurted out loud: "where can I get good burgers here?" By that I meant, not the fast food kind and more of the ones with thick all-beef patty topped with good quality cheese and sandwiched in between pillowy soft buns. While my office area is perfectly located at the heart of what I'd call a food mecca, all I can see around are soup kitchens, a hawker centres with all the local dishes and a couple of Asian eateries here and there. A colleague tried to help by giving me a couple of must-try burger joints but none of those he mentioned were accessible by foot.

Then, I came across the Two Blur Guys.

two blur guys 1
Taking the same question home, I asked my equally food-loving flatmates where do they go for good burgers here in Singapore and they suggested that we go try Two Blur Guys out. Located at the ground floor of the Orchid Hotel near the Tanjong Pagar MRT station, I was able to get there after taking a short 15 minutes walk from my office. Perfect!

The restaurant is tiny! It's a fun, casual dining burger bar where office workers would hang out after a long day at the office. I was already there when Paul and I arrived. Turn-over was quick so we really didn't mind the wait for our table to be ready.
two blur guys 3
Scanning the menu, my eyes focused on the chef's recommendations. I went for the Prime Beef Burger (S$12.50) as it had 100% US Natural Pure Beef with a slice of fresh tomatoes, sweet relish, melted gruyere cheese and...*wait for it*...homemade truffle mayo! I was initially choosing between the Salmon Burger or this and regular readers of this blog would know why I went for the burger. :) The beef patty was thick and juicy. I happily shared my burger with Paul and I who enjoyed it as well. The truffle scent was there but the flavour was quite weak. I wish they've added in more oil to complete the truffle experience. Well, I can't have it all..can I?

two blur guys 2
Paul wanted to try something else so he went with the Pulled Pork (S$11.50). Similarly, he divided his sandwich into three for us to try too! Yay! I love that we're all sharing our sandwiches which allows all of us to try 3 kinds in one go. If you're not a big fan of burgers, then I highly recommend that you go for this instead. The pork was so tender that I couldn't help but swoon a little bit on my first bite. It was so yummy! I loved the fact that it was well-seasoned and the sweet mustard and melted gruyere cheese just sealed the deal for me. I'm definitely getting this on my next visit. Mmmm..delicioso!

two blur guys 4
Our friend I tried the Duck Rillette (S$10.50) which also had duck meat flakes and is topped with mozzarella cheese. I'm happy that the duck meat was surprisingly tender. Not bad but I think the Pulled Pork won my heart that evening.

All of our burgers and sandwiches came with a solo serving of fresh garden salad and potato salad too. I think the price is very reasonable given the size of each burger plus the salads that came with it. We would have ordered some bottles of beer to go with the burger but since we're hopping over to the bar next door, we opted to just stick to our sodas for now.

Should the craving for burgers come up while you're here in Singapore, do check out Two Blur Guys.

Two Blur Guys is located at 1 Tras Link, Orchid Hotel #01-13, Singapore 078867. Call them at 6636-4183.

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