The Spa at Traders Hotel, Singapore

Let's play a little game!

Before that though, allow me to let you in on a little secret. This is one trivia about me that I'm pretty sure not a lot of people know about -- okay, here goes: I have a secret pasttime

Wanna know what? 

I love watching Pinoy entertainment talkshows and I continue to keep myself updated with "current events" via this website and this magazine. Just imagine how happy I was when our local cable provider here suddenly opened all channels which includes The Filipino Channel two weekends ago. Paul seriously had a hard time dragging me out of the house as I was glued to The Buzz all afternoon. The fun part about keeping myself update with local showbiz news is sometimes I would come across blind items which I love playing Sherlock Holmes too as I would piece out the clues to make my wise guess. 

Given that, let me tell you about our experience at the Spa at Traders Hotel in Singapore and to make things exciting, I'll try to hide some details and will let you make your guess too. Ready? 

Okay, on the afternoon after we checked in at Traders Hotel, Paul and I rested for a while and at exactly 3PM, we headed down to the 4th storey to head to the Spa for our appointment. The Spa is in the same floor as Ah Hoi's Kitchen and the Health Club/Gym too. 

We were entitled to avail of two types of treatments that day : one was to avail of a relaxing full body massage while the other will have a signature manicure/pedicure session

traders hotel spa 2
Here's where the manicure/pedicure session was held. Don't you just love the brightly lit area as well as the oh-so-comfy seats? One of us fell asleep like a baby while having his/her nails done that afternoon. zzzz.... 

Service by the nail specialists was very efficient. The person who did this enjoyed how the therapist carefully cleaned, cut, buffed and "polish" the nails. They took extra effect in scrubbing and removing all dead skin layers too.

traders hotel spa 3
Look at the finished product! Tadaahhhh all cleaned, buffed and shiny! 
Can you guess who's hand this is? 

traders hotel spa 1
Meanwhile, the person who availed of the massage had a great time too! First, a tour inside the locker room shows a very inviting jacuzzi, a sauna room and lockers all lined up. There's no need to take a shower in here though as the couple's massage room has its own bathroom where he/she happily took a shower before the massage session.

traders hotel spa 5
This is a photo of the single massage room, it's smaller in size but it has its own private bathroom too. The massage session went on for 90 minutes which had a mix of stretching and deep massage strokes. Oh, how one slept like a baby. One of us felt so rejuvenated after all his/her stress knots were kneaded out. The pressure was spot on. We highly recommend this!

Do you have an idea who did what? :) Leave your guesses below!

Definitely, a staycation is not complete without visiting the spa and treating your tired muscles to a relaxing massage. It's my first time to visit a spa here in Singapore and I was very happy with the service rendered by Traders Hotel Spa.

The Spa is at the 4th level of Traders Hotel Singapore, 1A Custaden Road, 249716, Singapore

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