Kamal Restaurant : Home of the Best Fried Chicken Briyani in Singapore

I hope my blog entry title got your attention. :) Rarely do I boldly call one to be the best...unless they really are the best.

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I got to say that one reason why I truly enjoy going to work everyday (yes, I'm a nerd that way hihi) is aside from the fact that I love what I'm doing at the moment, I also look forward to lunch breaks. You see, my office is within Singapore's Central Business District and this just means it's literally surrounded by close to a hundred food options! Not even counting Amoy Food Centre which is just a few skips and hops away, our office neighborhood has a good mix of restaurants to satisfy whatever we may be craving for at the moment. From Indian to Italian, we even have a nice French bakery and a delicious Korean bbq restaurant too. The choices are truly endless!

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One restaurant that I love is Kamal. It's an Indian restaurant that's famous for their Fried Chicken Briyani (around S$5.5-6). I've tried all sorts of briyanis before from fish, chicken, beef and mutton but to have it with fried chicken, it was something new to me. My first experience at Kamal was with my colleagues K and D. Actually, the restaurant also serves other viands at different times of the day but we were there for their specialty.

I know the plate may look messy but this is a perfect example of the saying : "Do not judge a dish by it's presentation.". As soon as you have your first bite and you'll totally  forgive the cook for the quite sloppy look of your briyani plate. I really enjoyed the long grain briyani rice which was fluffy and flavourful. For additional omph, I would add some yellow curry which they call gravy over my rice.

You can choose your chicken part and sadly for my first meal, I got the breast part. For my succeeding visits though, I knew better and happily got the thigh and leg combination. The chicken was very tender and it was surprisingly not so oily. While it may be red in colour, it's not spicy at all.

I brought Paul and Pan for lunch here a month ago and they both loved it! The best way to enjoy your Fried Chicken Briyani is to have it with a pack of papadums. I tell you, I'm crazy about these papadums! Dip it into the yellow curry and I'm pretty sure you'll truly understand why I'm so addicted to it..that is if you're into spices, herbs and Indian flavours too.

When in Singapore, visit Kamal Restaurant at 7A Stanley Street near the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. They're open from Mondays to Saturdays only. 

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