Ginzadon Restaurant, Resorts World Manila

This week will be a happy one! More family members are coming to visit and I'm feeling all giddy all day. Speaking of family, let me tell you about this delicious dinner that I had with my in laws on our last day in Manila a few months ago.

I have to tell you that my MIL has great taste in food. It need not be over-the-top expensive but she really has the eye (or shall I say the nose and the taste buds) in finding really yummy finds from weekend markets to hole-in-the-wall eateries in Chinatown. *sigh* no wonder I'll never achieve my 23 inch dream waist line. For as long as I'm home, I have both my Mom and my MIL force feeding me everyday. Hehehe...

Dinner was held at Ginzadon Restaurant inside Resorts World Manila in Pasay. I've been eyeing this restaurant for almost 2 years now but since Resorts World isn't exactly what I would call accessible from my house, Paul and I never really found the time to purposely drive all the way here to eat. I'm so glad MIL suggested we eat there the night before our flight. Ginzadon is a Japanese and Korean restaurant. Quite confusing actually as I'm not used to a "fusion" restaurant given that there are just a lot of really good Japanese and equally good Korean restaurants in the metro. However, reading blogs that have been raving about the food, I still happily looked forward to trying this restaurant out myself.

ginzadon 1
Our meal began with some complimentary appetizers. We were all quite hungry so we had about 4-5 refills of each. I love the refreshing wakame (seaweeds) as well as the spicy Kimchi too.

ginzadon 2
We also tried the Sashimi Moriawase Take (est. Php. 1,100). It's a huge platter filled with 6 different kinds of fresh sashimi. If only we weren't flying out the next day, I would have went for my favourite Uni Sashimi but given how uni can sometimes react badly to sensitive tummies, I opted to just stick to the Sake (salmon), Kani stick and Maguro (Tuna) while dipping it into my wasabi-soy sauce. It was very fresh albeit a bit pricey.

ginzadon 3
As for our main dishes, we had a good mix of Japanese and Korean specialties. We had the Galbi Jim (est. Php. 1,300) which is one of my favourite Korean stew. How can you say no to tender beef short ribs which was obviously cooked for a really long time thus making the sauce really thick and flavourful. Take my word for it, do eat this with rice...lots of it!

ginzadon 5
Since we had the kiddos in tow, MIL ordered a mix of Ebi Tempura (est. Php. 650) and Yakai Kakeage (est. Php. 200) which are the only deep-fried dishes we had that night. The ebi tempura is HUGE! I love the tempura flower decor that came with the platter. Pretty isn't it? Taste-wise though, I think it was just a-okay. Nothing really exciting about this as I can name a few other restaurants that serves better tempuras.

ginzadon 4
To balance out the deep-fried tempura, we had the Saba No Shioyaki (est. Php. 950) which is a simple dish of Grilled Mackerel. I normally do not like eating fish with lots of tiny bones but somehow I happily "slaved" away that night as the fish meat was very fresh and the bones were quite easy to pluck out.

It was a delicious dinner but I honestly don't think I'll be returning soon due to the incredibly expensive price tag. Imagine our shock when our bill amounted for Php. 10,000++ that evening. Ack! Too much!

Ginzadon is located at the 2nd floor, Maxims Tower, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City, Manila. Call them at 908-8887.

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