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I can't believe that my love affair with Serenitea has almost been 5 years long! I'll never forget how it all began and how it continued to be my go-to place whenever I just need to unwind and calm my nerves with a cup of Hokkaido Milk Tea when I was in Manila. Many milk tea places came and went yet Serenitea stayed strong all throughout. That just goes to show what a strong market leader it continues to be. Yay!

Of course, every visit back home is not complete without getting my milk tea fix. Just to show how much we love Serenitea, it was the first place that we went to a few hours after landing in Manila a few months ago. It was also perfect timing that Serenitea just launched a couple of new snacks to go with their winning milk tea flavors!

serenitea 1
First things first though, I had to get my GIANT Hokkaido Milk Tea with QQ! Look how big my cup was and I was such a happy camper being reunited with my favorite drink. Yum yum yum!

As you know, the concept of Serenitea came from Taiwan as inspired by its numerous milk tea stores. While Serenitea is 100% Pinoy, it just makes perfect sense to introduce a couple of Taiwan-inspired snacks to complement its drink line-up. We got to try the Chicken Delight -- making use of Serenitea's best-selling chicken chops and served with additional flavor.

serenitea 5
First was the Western Chicken Delight (Php. 120) which comes with chopped onion and mustard. I think it was a-okay and what would make it better is to have the flavor more put together. These are the usual toppings for a hotdog sausage but since they made use of raw onions, the supposedly spicy flavor was somehow missing and all you can taste was the mustard on deep-fried chicken fillet.

serenitea 3
Next was the Formosa Chicken Delight (Php. 120) which I love. I really enjoyed the sweet and tangy salsa which was generous spread on top of the chicken chop. This time you can really taste the difference and it was really a delight to eat. I can't wait to have more of this!

serenitea 2
For those who wants it hot and spicy, go for the Thai Pepper (Php. 120). See those tiny chopped chili on top, you'll not be able to escape the heat in every bite. It was good as it gave a new dimension to the traditional chicken chop that you and I both know by heart.

serenitea 4
Corn fanatics will also love the Curry Corn. I think it was pretty good as some of my friends got more than two sticks of corn to munch on. They also have other variants such as the Wasabi Corn, Cheesy Corn and the much-loved Pepper Corn.

Keep Calm and Eat Cake

How about a slice of cake with your milk tea? That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? You can now complete your afternoon tea break at Serenitea with a couple of new cakes in the line-up. We were able to try the Mango Cheesecake as well as the Almond Matcha Cake. However they also have the famous Rainbow Cake which kids really love, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Chocolate Nutella Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Strawberry Cheesecake too.

serenitea 7
The Almond Matcha Cake had a spongey chiffon cake in between a thick matcha-flavored icing. It had a slightly bitter kick brought by the matcha powder used. I love green tea and matcha most especially so I happily enjoyed my slice of cake.

serenitea 6
Meanwhile, cheesecake lovers will love the silky smooth Mango Cheesecake which was sweet, fruity and really yummy. I prefer this over the Almond Matcha Cake though simply because I'm such a big fan of cheesecakes. So far, these cakes will only be available in Serenitea Congressional and Shangri-la only. Hope they'll add more branches who'll carry these yummy cakes soon.

There you go! Not only will you go to Serenitea to drink your milk tea but you can actually have a snack at any given time of the day too.

serenitea 8
Look who loves Serenitea too? My favorite couple and our peg for ultimate sweetness -- Richie and Rina!

Serenitea has branches all over the country (yes! even Cebu and Baguio now). Click here for the complete list of branches. 

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