Snack Time: Herr's Cheese Curls in Manila!

Look what I've been munching on lately!

herrs cheese curls
I know, I've welcomed the year with a promise to lessen my junk food snacking but I guess it's okay to give in to my monthly craving for yummy munchies once in a while right? Well, as my husband would say, smart snacking is the way to go! We have began choosing chips that are baked, have no trans fat or have lower sodium in it vs. it's less healthy counterparts.

What a perfect timing that my friend and fellow blogger R sent over a couple of bags of Herr's during our last visit to Manila! I instantly recognized Herr's as those buckets of cheese curls that we would hoard in S&R! Ohhh I love love love Herr's Cheese Curls!

Well, did you know that Herr's is made of pure corn meal and is baked to perfection. I guess this is one of the very few corn products that I can eat without getting sick. It doesn't make use of artificial preservatives/flavoring too! I just love being able to enjoy this without getting my fingers really oily. R was so nice to send over 3 of Herr's newest flavors and of course, the original one that we all love. We tried the Buffalo Blue Cheese flavor first and you'll instantly get the tangy note of the blue cheese. Paul loved this very much!

herrs cheese curls
We followed this with the Bacon Cheddar which also had a strong bacon taste. Wow! I was really impressed how each bite would give you that exact taste of buffalo blue cheese, pizza or bacon. It was really spot on. I have to admit though that my heart still belongs to the Original Cheese Curls flavor as I still like my cheese curls minus all the fancy additional flavorings. Despite being baked, each piece stayed so crunchy and look how packed it is inside with a few tiny pockets of air.

Herr's is being distributed by Jaric Marketing and can be found in Rustan's Supermarket, SM, Candy Corner, Gourmet Garage, Puregold, The Landmark, NCCC, Makati Supermarket, Unimart, WalterMart, Shopwise and Royal Subic. Grab a bag now (or maybe even two!). 

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