My Cup of Tea: The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

There's really something magical about enjoying a cup of tea at any given time of the day. On most days, whenever I have a warm mug of tea with me, I tend to zone out from the bustling noise from our busy surroundings and for that short moment, I can feel peace and lots of zen. Thus, I make sure that our pantry at home is completely stocked with tea in all kinds and flavors. Growing up, I love floral-flavored teas like jasmine and chrysanthemum. I remember Papa ordering pots of Chrysanthemum every time we'd have dimsum in Hong Kong. Somehow, this became a staple for me. Eating dimsum is not complete without tea.

Later on, we began a weekly ritual of having Afternoon Teas complete with dainty cups and saucers, a ceramic container of sugar cubes and a pretty three-layer tray filled with tea sandwiches and pastries. Since Chrysanthemum Tea is available mostly in Chinese restaurant, this time we learned to appreciate English Teas like Earl Grey, Basic Black Tea and more. 

clipper tea 2
My fondness for tea grew deeper as I got older. Today, I would drink two glasses of Green Tea after lunch and when I know that I'll be pulling an all-nighter to work, I would prepare a pot of hot water and my containers of tea all lined up. Now, imagine how happy I was when The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. sent over a box of tea samples for Valentine's Day. I truly felt the LOVE! 

clipper tea 4
The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. is a local Singaporean tea brand that provides a wide array of teas the traditional way. In today's age of instant mixes and tea bags, the beauty of enjoying a cup of Clipper Tea begins at how you prepare for it. Served in pretty containers with a tight-lid top, you start your journey by taking a deep breath as you enjoy the delicious aroma of these loose leaves mixed with dried fruits, flowers and a lot more. It can be pretty addicting though. 

clipper tea 3
Next, using a tea infuser (I just love this WMF Tea infuser that I got at TANGS department store!) we filled it with our choice of tea. I normally don't fill it up to the brim as I don't want my tea overly strong. We began with the You're My Cup of Tea flavor which is a mix of blueberry, black tea and sugared hearts. 

It must be the hearts but I can taste a light milky flavor as I enjoyed my first cup of tea. A bit too mild for my liking though so I made a mental note to add more next time. 

clipper tea 1
The following day, I just wanted to have another cup of tea. This time, I tried the You Float My Boat flavor which has a yummy mix of wild berries. This is caffeine-free which makes it a great after dinner drink. I like this one more as it has a delicious citrus-y flavor and it was very clean to the palate too. 

While these two flavors were available during the Valentine's Day period only, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. has a wide array of flavors available year-round. Check the line-up here!

The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. is available at PasarBella -- A Farmer's Market, TANGS Orchard, The Canopy Shop at Gardens by the Bay, Night Safari Village Craft and Singapore Botanic Gardens. 

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