Soup Stock Tokyo at Asia Square Tower 2

With the numerous soup stores that can be found in the CBD, one would actually wonder if there's still room for more. True, take my office street for example, you don't have to walk far to come across 3 soup restaurants with a never-ending queue in front during lunch hour. The funny thing is, these 3 shops sell the same herbal, Chinese-y soup that my Kongkong would make for us as these are packed with all the nutrients to keep us healthy forever and ever.

soup stock tokyo 1
So, when my friend T invited me to have lunch at the newly opened Soup Stock Tokyo at our favorite lunch place destination -- Asia Square Tower 2, I really didn't thought much about it at first as I had a feeling it was just one of those many soup places in the area with a fancier name that is. Little did I know that Soup Stock Tokyo originated from Japan since 1999. In fact, this branch in Singapore is their first overseas. WOW!

soup stock tokyo 5
The menu was quite straightforward but not boring at all. Each week, they have a new line-up of soups which is a mix from their Standard and Premium line, porridge and two Japanese curry rice meals too. To make things easier for the lunch crowd they also have created sets too! I got the Half and Half Set (S$11.80) that consists of 2 small bowls and a choice of Japanese Rice or Bread too. Of course, I went for the rice option. You can also opt to get the Regular Standard Set or the Regular Premium Set which will give you a bigger bowl of soup with rice.

That day, I chose Hokkaido Crab Bisque and 4-Mushroom Potage soups. I really love eating Japanese rice and somehow it tastes really good when I have it with soup. Yum yum!

soup stock tokyo 3
The Hokkaido Crab Bisque is part of the premium line-up. Rich and creamy, this soup makes use of crab stock simmered with tomatoes and herbs too. It was good but as I'm not a fan of rich tomato soups, it was just a-okay for me.  I'm pretty sure Paul would love this kind of soup though.

soup stock tokyo 4
I then moved on to my second soup which was the 4-Mushroom Potage. If you love mushrooms as much as I do, then I highly recommend this to you. I really enjoyed this soup as I can taste the earthy flavors of the mushroom. Just to tell you how good it was, I began thinking about it just hours after lunch and was so excited for my next return to Soup Stock Tokyo.

How I wish that Soup Stock Tokyo would consider openign more store all over Singapore. For now, be sure to head over to Asia Square Tower 2 for a delicious Japanese soup lunch!

Soup Stock Tokyo is located at Asia Square Tower 2 Food Garden, #02-05, 12 Marina View in Singapore. They are open from Mondays to Friday at 830AM to 9PM. Visit their Facebook page to their the weekly menu line-up.

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