Sisterly Bonding at 40 Hands in Yong Siak Street

There are several things that make me feel giddy and excited lately:
- When I get to try something surprisingly good.
- Whenever I'm going home to visit my family and lastly...
- When anyone from my family comes to visit. 

Such was the case a few months ago when my sister suddenly decided that she will be visiting me and she'll be staying for a few days! I was so excited as I began planning our itinerary and the places where I will be taking her to try. It's pretty obvious how my sister and I keep a very close relationship. We're a small family of four so we have this "it's you and me against the world" kind of bond not only between us sisters but even with our parents too. I guess my giddiness was so obvious that my colleagues can feel how excited I was when Pan can to visit.

40 hands singapore
From the moment she landed, I wasted no time and the eating quickly began. One Saturday, we told Paul that he can sleep a little longer while we go out for our sisterly bonding. I've been wanting to check out 40 Hands and I knew Pan would be the perfect date for a Saturday brunch at Yong Siak Street. We got there just in time to get the last table for two in this small cafe. Hooray!

40 hands 2
First things first, the coffee. My sister took after Papa who's such a big coffee aficionado. Her love for coffee even prompted her to take up a formal barista class for her to know more about the world of coffee (and if you ask me, to give her a valid reason to drink more! haha). Pan loves her coffee strong and dark the same way Papa does. I'm glad that 40 Hands' coffee was pretty good thus satisfying her discriminating taste towards her cup of java. I, on the other hand, was happy with my usual order -- Flat White. Unlike Papa and Pan, I like mine creamy, light and sweet. I'm more of a social coffee drinker so I'm really more for one that perks up my taste buds and will make a good start to my day.

40 hands 5
To go with our cups of coffee, we agreed to share our brunch orders. I got the Eggs Benedict (S$14) which came with two pieces of poached egg on top of American-style freshly-baked biscuits, sweet ham, baby spinach and a generous scoop of hollandaise sauce. Pan and I love having Eggs Ben whenever we would go out for breakfast with Mommy back in Manila and we're both quite pleased with 40 Hands' version. It's served with a solo serving of fresh salad which was pretty good too.

40 hands 4
We also tried the Salmon Hash (S$16) which was quite unique. Poached salmon in creamy potato and mustard sauce served with toast and fries. We requested for the fries to be upgraded to truffle fries making it even yummier. Between the two, I liked this more as I really enjoyed scooping the creamy poached salmon on top of my buttery wholewheat toast. We were left with a lot of sauce which we dipped our fries into.

40 hands 1
Over good food and coffee, we talked about basically anything and everything under the sun. Not that there was a need to catch up as we're always in touch thanks to the power of technology and mobile data plans. However, it does feel good to spend some quality time with my sister again. I really did and still do miss her.

I can't wait to go back to 40 Hands for another round of bonding with my sister hopefully soon. Counting down to when she'll be visiting me again! ♥

40 Hands is located at 78 Yong Siak street, #01-12 Tiong Bahru, Singapore. They're open from 8AM Tuesdays to Sundays and closed every Mondays. 

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