No Signboard Seafood in Esplanade, Singapore

Let me tell you a secret.


Okay, here goes.... 

I really love it whenever good friends from Manila would come visit and make time to share a meal with us. ♥ 

I know how traveling can be quite hectic so Paul and I really do appreciate it whenever our friends would go through the trouble of messaging us just to say that they're coming and they would really set aside some of their precious time to see us when they could probably spend this shopping away in Orchard. It really tells us a lot about the friends whom we have to treasure for life.

Take for example my good friend M. He has been one of my closest friends since high school and we would talk almost every night all throughout our high school / college years and even after that. I know the story of his love life by heart and he has been a witness to mine. He's the kind of friend whom I know I can always count on anytime. For example, during my debut party, he even bought me my favorite fish sandwich after learning that the debutante won't be able to eat much during her own party. It was hilarious but it says a lot about what a good friend he is. While we don't get to talk that often anymore, M would make it a point to message me whenever he's in Singapore for a business trip. Of course, I'd also make sure that I'll free up my schedule to be able to catch up with him. That's real friendship that will surely last a lifetime. You may not need to be in touch 24/7 but the moment you see each other again, the conversation flows as if you never lost touch at all.

So during M's recent visit, he told me that he wanted to have some crabs and cereal prawns. While there are definitely hundreds of options around the country, of course, we went for what was said to be the best. That would be No Signboard Seafood at the Esplanade Mall. Paul joined us for dinner which made it even more fun! I just love hanging out with my two favorite men.

no signboard
Since there were only 3 of us, we had to be careful with what we order so as not to end up with a lot of leftovers. First on the list was the Ginger & Spring Onion Crab (S$78). Since both M and I do not eat spicy food, we skipped the famous Singaporean Chili Crab and went for this safe and predictable Cantonese version instead. I must say, it was delicious! The crab was perfectly coated with the sauce that goes so well with rice. I just found the crab a bit too small given the price but at least it was meaty enough nonetheless. I wonder how much would a jumbo crab be if we're getting this small size one for quite an expensive price?

no signboard 1
Moving on, we also got the Cereal Prawns (S$28). This was the highlight of our meal as each piece was HUGE, crunchy and really yummy. The trick to eating Cereal Prawns is to eat it whole. Yes, even the shell which was deep-friend and can easily be eaten without hurting your gums. It may take some getting used to though like I really don't eat the head so I had to remove that still. I love the cereal bits which we generously sprinkled on top of our bowls of rice.

no signboard 3
Speaking of rice, I think getting plain white rice would do as each dish is very flavorful already. However, M wanted to try the No Signboard Fried Rice (S$20) so we went with that. It was pretty good albeit a bit too oily for my liking. It was somewhat a cross between the Thai Olive Rice and the Chinese Yang Chow Fried Rice. I just like the fact that they mixed some salted fish flakes in it too which made it really tasty.

no signboard 2
Lastly, we had the Honey Sauce Pork Ribs (S$20) which went very well with our two other dishes that evening. Each piece gives you a good portion of tender pork meat and a thin layer of fat. I took out the fat and happily enjoyed this one. I think I had the most number of pieces compared to the boys.

It was a nice dinner spent catching up with M. How I wish he'll be able to come visit more often which means having another reason to try another restaurant next time! :)

No Signboard Seafood is located at the Esplanade Mall (facing the river), 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-14/16, Singapore. They also have branches in Vivo City, East Coast Seafood Centre, #414 Geylang as well as in Jakarta, Indonesia and Macau, China. 

I highly recommend that you call to make a reservation as the restaurant easily gets filled especially for dinner. 

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