Main Street at Tuscany, McKinley Hills

Touchdown Manila!

Every time our plane finally lands at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) runway, I can't help but feel a surge of excitement inside. "We're home!" I would often tell Paul while squeezing his hand at the same time. Being home means reuniting with our family and our closest friends. Technology has proven to be very helping in keeping us connected and updated with each other's lives but to see them up close and to spend more hours to catch up is still something we always look forward to every time we fly back to Manila. We caught a noon-time flight during our recent visit home so we obviously were feeling quite hungry upon landing.

main street 6
Of course, I was prepared. I made arrangements to have a late lunch / afternoon merienda with Paul and my parents at Main Street in McKinley Hills which is very near the airport. Call it hitting two birds with one stone -- I got an invite to visit Main Street last year and it was just perfect that my goal is also to try something new (well to me) during this trip.

Main Street boasts of Canadian comfort dishes which I believe is quite unique in Manila. Being a country with very strong American influence, we all grew up eating American burgers, a mountain load of crispy fries, barbecue ribs and more. I'll be honest in saying that I don't know much about Canadian cuisine except perhaps for the famous Poutine and maple syrup (lots and lots of it).

main street 1
Our meal began with a bowl of Poutine (Php. 155). Thick-cut fries served with a thick gravy sauce and gooey cheese. It was so good that even Papa who's not so fond of fries ate a good amount too. I'm not quite sure about its authenticity but I just have to say that this one was really yummy! Anyone who has tried the real thing, please let me know if Main Street has perfectly nailed the Poutine, okay?

main street 2
Moving on, we also had the Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa (Php. 220). Truly the best way to start our visit was to have a dish with the fruit that we miss so much! The crab cakes were crunchy on the outside and really tender and tasty inside. I love the sweet-sour touch of the mango salsa making me wish one orders comes with a dozen pieces instead of just three. :)

main street 3
We wanted to order more but knowing that we still have dinner happening in 3 hours, we decided to keep it light. So we just tried one main dish -- the Grilled Pork Chops (Php. 295) which was marinated for hours and grilled to perfection. You can really tell that they did an amazing job as the meat was so tender and juicy, just the way a perfect pork chop should be. I love the inclusion of some veggies too! This was indeed a great choice and I wold love to go back for more.

main street 4
Lastly, we were given a platter of Pulled Pork Mini Sandwiches which the owner wanted us to try. This will be one of their newest addition to the menu and I must say, it's a winner! I hope they launch this soon as we all liked the smokey flavored pulled pork topped with strips of radish and cilantro. So yummy!

main street 5
Paul and I enjoyed our double date at Main Street with my parents. As we enjoyed our meal, my parents were so delighted to know that they have a working turntable with a good collection of records too! It has been decades since I've seen one and this was definitely a nice touch to the over-all relaxed vibe of the restaurant.

That was surely a good way to start our quick visit back in Manila! With good food and our family around, we truly are home.

Check out Main Street at Tuscany Estates, McKinley Hills, Taguig City. Call them at 935-5539. 

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