Ramen Keisuke Tori King at 100AM, Tanjong Pagar

A lot of happy changes in both my personal and professional lives happened as soon as the 2nd half of 2014 rolled in and it has just been 10 days since. Call it good feng shui but I'd like to think that all these blessings have something to do with our moving to a new office. True, saying goodbye is never easy but I am the kind who try my darnest to welcome change with open arms.

tori keisuke 3
So, on our first week at the new office, we began exploring for new food finds. Our first stop was over at 100AM where we found Ramen Keisuke Tori King. We're all no strangers to the Keisuke line of ramen shops. I've mentioned a number of times how much I love the Ramen Kaisuke Four Seasons in Bugis and when my colleague R mentioned that Chef Keisuke Takeda has opened a chicken broth ramen that's just a stone's throw away from our new office, our lunch group gamely went to try it out.

tori keisuke 4
I got to admit though that as we were standing outside and waiting for our table to be ready, I had no clue how the ramen will be presented. In my mind it was just chicken broth with the usual ramen noodles, ajitama egg, seaweed and chasiu pork. It was only when I saw the menu that I realized that each bowl comes with a quarter-sized chicken leg too. The menu had only 4 choices: Tori King Ramen (S$11.90), Black Spicy Tori King Ramen (S$12.90), Green Spicy (Wasabi) Tori King Ramen (S$12.90) and Tori King Special -- Tan Tan Mien (S$13.90). They also have a kids meal (S$7.90) for the little ones.

tori keisuke 2
I went for the Tori King Ramen with all the 3 main toppings -- Seaweed, Ajitama Egg and Chasiu Pork for an additional S$4.

As we were waiting for our orders, I was worried a bit as visions of pulling and struggling with the chicken meat came to mind. For extra measures, I requested for a fork just in case. Our bowls of ramen came shortly and I noticed that they have grilled the chicken. I tried a piece of chicken meat and was so surprised at how easily the meat fell off the bone. It was so tender that you can definitely manage to enjoy this regardless if it's soaked in your bowl of ramen or placed separately on a plate like mine. The chicken and the ramen alone is enough to fill you up. I somehow regret getting the pork chasiu as I ended up so full that I couldn't eat all the noodles anymore. The soup was a bit too salty also for my taste so I will make sure to choose light on my next visit. Nonetheless, it was the tender grilled chicken that won my heart that day.

tori keisuke 1
D and I also love the complimentary spicy beansprout that you can help yourselves with and enjoy with your ramen. It has a strong sesame oil flavor that makes it so yummy!

Well, this was indeed a good discovery and I'm pretty sure we will be frequenting Ramen Keisuke Tori King in the months and years to come.

Check out Ramen Keisuke Tori King at the 3rd level of 100AM, 100 Tras Street, Singapore. It's the mall adjacent to Amara Hotel. (MRT: Tanjong Pagar)

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