Shopping Finds: Spice Island Trader in San Juan

Look what I found! While driving along J. Abad Santos on our way to grab some milk tea, Paul and I chanced upon this new specialty shop that took the former location of Ristras. Seeing that they got jars of cookie butter and other interesting looking spread, we decided to check it out first before satisfying our milk tea craving.

Welcome to Spice Island Trader. A nice catchy name, I must say. 

spice island traders 5
Inside, you can see a mix of imported and local food finds that will surely make every foodie squeal with happiness. Well, it had that effect on me! Paul literally had to pull me out of the store as I just want to stay there all afternoon and to go through each and every product. 

Here are some of my finds:

spice island traders 4
Cookie Butter and Peanut Butter, more things to put into my smoothie and sandwich creations!

spice island traders 2
A wide-array of Merry Moo ice cream flavors! I highly recommend you try the Earl Grey, Sea Salt Caramel, Horlicks, Candied Bacon...and the list goes on and on! 

spice island traders 3
Cuts of steak and lamb ready for grilling

spice island traders 1
The best find ever -- Baconnaise and Bacon Salt
(Thanks to Jana for sharing this great find with me!)

I swear, there were just a lot more but I guess I'll need to spend more uninterrupted time to check out the store on my next visit. 

Meanwhile, go and check out Spice Island Trader at Jose Abad Santos St. corner Lopez Jaena Street in San Juan City. Call them at 502-2769.

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