The Waterfall at Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore

After checking in and enjoying a slice of cake in our room, Paul and I then proceeded to get ready for dinner at The Waterfall which is located near the pool area between the Garden and Tower Wing. It was drizzling a bit but we didn't worry as all three wings are connected either via a covered walkway or through the main lobby. It's amazing though that despite how they are adjacent to one another you get to feel like you enter a different world as you go through the Garden, Tower and the Valley Wings.

the waterfall sg 1
We were ushered to our table by the corner where it was quiet and very private. I was so touched to see a piece of long-stemmed rose on my side of the table too. Of course, Paul took the opportunity to pick it up and handed it to me as if it was his idea all along. Haha! That's fine Hun, it was indeed the thought that counts. ♥ 

the waterfall sg 5
First things first, a glass of bubbly each to celebrate another milestone in our (love) life. I think this is one of the best celebrations that we've had following our first wedding anniversary. What ever happened to the 2nd and 3rd? I like how light and yummy the champagne was. We're no drinkers but we surely enjoyed this one very much.

the waterfall sg 6
Next came our complimentary basket of bread. How cool that it's a combination of four types of crusty rolls -- Olives, Tomato and two others which I sadly couldn't remember what. They were delicious nonetheless and we happily dipped them into the creamy Tomato Coulis that the Chef has prepared for us. Really really yummy! We haven't started our main meal and Paul and I were already making plans to come back this time with my parents and Pan.

the waterfall sg 7
For starters, we had the Scallop Carpaccio. Okay, I'm not exaggerating but I truly felt like I just died and went to heaven the moment I had a slice of the scallop. It was HEAVENLY. Thinly sliced scallop which tasted so fresh, light and clean. It was drizzled with orange zest and had bits of capers and orange slices too. To this day, I daydream about this dish and I can't wait to go back for more. I was told that the Chef has specially prepared this dinner's menu for us so sadly the Scallop Carpaccio is no where to be found in their regular menu but for special functions or occasions, I highly recommend that you request for this.

the waterfall sg 8
Next, we had the Mint Scented Green Pea Soup with two plump pieces of prawns with black caviar and parmesan crisp on top. Paul was the first to try it and if only I was able to record a video of his facial reaction, you'll be able to see how much he loved this. Okay, since I have no video to prove, let's just say it was... *sorry kids, please cover your eyes* orgasmic. The play of minty and creamy soup with the robust flavor of the prawns and the slightly salty kick of the caviar and the parmesan crisp was simply perfect. We enjoyed our soup slowly and in silence. That moment was just so sacred that no one dared to break such a magical spell and perhaps we're both wishing that enjoying it in a slower pace will make this delicious soup last longer. At this point, we just wanted to go into the kitchen and give Chef a big big big hug.

the waterfall sg 2
Moving on to our main course, we had the Beetroot Risotto with Pan-Fried Cod Fish. It's amazing how Chef knew us (well as least me) so well. If you noticed, our meal was purely seafood and I was really happy about that. The bright pink plate of beetroot risotto perfectly matched my pink dress too! Once again, Paul quickly dug in and as if it was a deja vu, his eyes lit up and his told me that this was once again a delicious masterpiece. The risotto was well-cooked with a creamy, comforting texture. I could hardly taste the beetroot though which was fine as I guess it was used to lend its bright pink color to the rice. The cod fish was so delicious with its crispy skin and the meat so buttery tender that it melts in the mouth. It's a very filling dish too that after enjoying our main course, I was ready to raise the white flag or our napkins in this case.

But Chef wasn't done yet! The server cleared away our plates and place a set of spoon and fork on each side. I gave Paul a panicked look. I hope it's not a 2nd main course as my tummy can't take any more food. Yes, sadly Frannywanny quickly gave up that evening.

the waterfall sg 3
Finally, our came the last course -- dessert. Chef has prepared a pretty Sherry Wine Sabayon with Hazelnut. A bit too heavy for me already so I just took two spoonfuls and happily passed it on to Paul who enjoyed this as well.

the waterfall sg 4
What a delicious dinner at The Waterfall. I particularly enjoyed the very relaxing ambiance which reminds us of a cozy beach home (at the Hamptons?). We love the chef for preparing this special 4-course dinner for us. Thank you so much for making our anniversary dinner truly romantic and gastronomically memorable as well. We will be back for you as I just learned that they also have a Sunday brunch as well as an Antipasti Semi-Buffet Lunch too.

The Waterfall is located at Level One, Garden Wing at the Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore. 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore. To reserve, call them at 6213-4398.

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