♫ Happy (4th) Anniversary to Us ♫

Being married has surely taught us a lot of things. Mommy is right, despite being boyfriend-girlfriend for 7 years before tying the knot, she was 101% certain that there'll be a million other things that Paul and I will discover about each other the moment we start living under the same roof 24/7. It's really true when they say that mothers are always right (and so are wives!).

paul fran
It has been one amazing roller coaster ride. Sure there were some unexpected turns, some twists, turns and slight bumps but I'm glad that as we go along, Paul and I are still there, holding hands and ready to go for more rounds.

To Paul: Thank you for loving me and for sometime spoiling me crazy. I know I've been telling you this a million times but seriously, I really can't imagine living life without having you by my side. You've been my rock and my pillar. Thank you for being so supportive of my dreams and whims. I know that we got a bright and exciting future ahead and what makes it even more awesome is we'll always be there for each other. Here's to a life full of love, happiness and more joy! ♥ ILY, Paul! 

p.s. I know that even how many times you scold me for being bratty... I can always count on you to love me unconditionally. hihi ♥

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