Doggie Day Out : Whole Pet Kitchen, San Juan

My recent visit home to Manila was short but it was truly one of the best. I'm just so happy that I was able to try a number of new restaurants and those meals were shared with the people who matters the most to me. As they say, quality over quantity. Aside from my closest friends and family, I also took the time out to treat that special one that continues to bring so much joy to our family -- meet our lovable doggie named Scottie!

whole pet kitchen 2
One morning, Pan and I decided to take Scottie out for a ride and for a quick snack somewhere in the neighborhood. Pan discovered Whole Pet Kitchen where she and Mommy brought Scottie to have some lasagna a couple of weeks back. It's a small pet specialty cafe that offers hot meals and pastries for the dogs and their owners alike. I believe it's the 1st one in the country and I'm so glad that it's not so far from home as Scottie can get so restless in the car. I love how cozy the whole place was however I wish the floor tiles weren't that slippery as my poor little Scottie had a really hard time walking around properly since his paws could hardly grip well. I could sense that he wanted to explore around but couldn't because he's afraid to slide.

whole pet kitchen 5
We ordered the Jack's Lasagna (Php. 88) for Scottie. One order is good for a small dog serving so owners of larger dogs will have to adjust accordingly. The lasagna was made of semolina lasagna sheet, organic VCO, pork liver, beef, carrots, homemade yogurt, swamp cabbage, tomatoes, basil and cheese. As you can see, most of  these are edible food yet these are friendly and healthy to doggies too.

whole pet kitchen 4
Here's Scottie eyeing his new dish. Look at his stare, he has obviously claimed ownership to the meal with just his stare.

whole pet kitchen 7
Gone in a little bit more than 60 seconds! He loved it so much that we caught him licking the spoon too. So cute! I love the happy look on his face.

whole pet kitchen 6
While keeping my Scottie company, Pan and I also shared the human Lalalasagna (Php. 258). I was teasing the server to be careful as he might swap the two lasagnas and give us the doggie version instead. The Lalalasagna was pretty big making it good for sharing. I really loved it! The tomato sauce was tangy and tasty, the lasagna sheet cooked al dente and it was really cheezy! We also tried the House Iced Tea together with this which I found to be a tad too sweet for my taste.

We had a great time hanging out and watching Scottie explore the cafe out. The servers were so nice and friendly that they even gave Scottie a piece of mini Liver Muffins which he showed no interest at first but devoured it in one bite the moment we got home. Guess he's just not used to eating a lot in unfamiliar places. Such picky eater my Scottie boy!

whole pet kitchen 1
As an extra treat, I also got him a bag of Chamomile and Cheese Biscuits which he loves very much. We now use this as a daily treat to alternate with his all-time favorite -- the Pedigree Dentastix.

Whole Pet Kitchen is located at 349-D CM Recto street near P. Guevarra Street, Barangay Addition Hills, San Juan City. It's right beside Cafe Ysabel. Call them at +63-9178488857.

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