Twins : Korean Fried Chicken in Craig Road

It's almost the end of the month and I'm still celebrating my birthday! I guess, the beauty of having your birthday on the 1st day of the month is you can actually celebrate it for the next 29-30 days that follow. Hahaha!

twins sg5
For instance, the next working day following my birthday, I treated my closest colleagues out for lunch. We were actually supposed to head to a cafe for some brunch food but we spotted Twins, a newly opened restaurant along Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar. The interiors were simple, the walls painted in black but what caught out attention was that flashing sign from the bar that says "Korean Fried Chicken". Oohhhh!

Forget brunch food, we all wanted fried chicken! It was also a good thing that they have a special Lunch Set (S$11.90) which comes in three different varieties -- Chicken Set, Spicy Stir Fried Chicken Set and Bulgogi Lunch Set. We all went for the Fried Chicken Set and decided to get one flavor each and share later on. Talk about team work!

I got the Soy & Garlic, G went for the Cheese-flavored Fried Chicken, D was brave enough to try the spicy Yangnyum and C ordered the Original flavor. As soon as our plates came, we quickly divided the chicken all around. One order comes with 4 chicken wings, a mountain of fries and a cup of rice. Carbs on carbs! Oh boy!

twins sg4
The Soy & Garlic was, to me, the safest choice for people who loves Korean Fried Chicken. It has a nice sweet and salty balance which will make you want to eat more rice with it. If you ask me though, I wish I swapped my fries for some salad as it was just too filling and it made me incredibly sleepy at work after.

twins sg1
The Original is a simple fried chicken option with no special flavors or add-ons. It was a just a-ok as I really love Korean-style fried chicken and this one was crispy and juicy but totally falls miserably below Jollibee's Chicken Joy or my all-time favourite -- the Fried Chicken sold in Mini Stop.

twins sg3
Among all the flavors, I was most excited for D's Yangnyum. Initially I thought it will be really spicy but guess what, the heat level was very tolerable and it actually perked up the flavor a lot. This just got to be the most interesting choice that day and I'm so happy that D was so generous to share a piece for me to share. Yay!

twins sg2
Lastly, G's Cheese-flavoured chicken would probably be something kids will get. Personally though, I am not a fan of powdered cheese which tasted nothing like the real thing and has the tendency to be really salty too. The chicken was a bit on the dry side which didn't help improve this particular taste profile.

To rank all four flavors, I would definitely say the Yangnyum was the best followed by the Soy & Garlic and the Original and Cheese as the bottom two. Truth to be told, this is not yet the best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore and I have yet to search for the yummiest. Stay tuned.

Twins is located at 7 Craig Road, Singapore 089667. Call them at 6221-5025. 

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