Airport Lounge : Sky View in Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3

Fly in, fly out. 

This has been the story of our lives since 2013. As much as flying home never fails to bring so much joy to our hearts (and tummies), the whole process of going through the whole airport routine  can sometimes wear us down. Thankfully, Changi Airport is just one of the best in the world with so many food options and a couple of recreational facilities on hand while NAIA 3 is starting to shape up making the wait and transfer more bearable each time. Plus both airports got free Wi-Fi connection so no complains there!

Recently, I discovered that my Citibank Premiere Miles card can give me access to one of the airport lounges in NAIA 3. That really got me so excited! For someone who loves to arrive at the airport close to the 45 minute limit of the check-in counter, I made sure that I got arrive 2 hours prior to my flight to check the lounge out.

skyview lounge 4
After passing through immigration and the final security check, I headed up to the 3rd floor where all the lounges are located. Sky View Lounge is at the farthest end next to Cathay Pacific's Business and First Class Lounge. I simply had to present my boarding pass, credit card and I was instantly welcomed inside the lounge. Yay!

Since my flight was at 8PM, I decided to have dinner there. Check out the simple but not-so-bad buffet line-up:

skyview lounge 2
Honey Lemon Chicken

skyview lounge 3
Baked Penne 

skyview lounge 5
Arroz Caldo (Filipino Congee)

skyview lounge 1
A mix of bite-sized sandwiches

They also have an assortment of drinks from cold juices, soda, alcoholic choices and coffee. I was also told that the dessert options were impressive too. Sadly, I happily stuffed myself with the savory hot dishes that evening that I had no space for dessert.

The pasta was quite good. This was the only one that stood out among the 3 choices as I found the Arroz Caldo to be quite bland. Inside the lounge, there are a lot of comfortable couches, a flat screen TV showing the latest movie and clean toilet and bathroom where you can freshen up before your flight. I also saw a separate prayer room too.

In terms of interiors and design, the lounge looks very simple but the food was good, service was excellent and I was able to relax here more than I think I would at the boarding gate. No more buzzer-beater arrival for me as I'll make sure to allot more time to stay at the lounge from now on. :)

For Priority Pass and Citibank Premiere Miles cardholders, check out Sky View Lounge at Ninoy Aquino International Airport - Terminal 3 (Departure Area), Manila, Philippines. 

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