K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet in Orchard Central

Okay kids, listen closely. When it comes to choosing the right man for you, make sure..he spoils you like crazy! Hehehehe :) 

Kidding aside, I do believe that the right man should only have two queens in his life -- his mom and you. That's it. In fact, how a guy treats his mom is actually a good indication of how he will be treating you. Luckily, Paul loves and adores my MIL unconditionally so that pretty much mirrors how he has been showering me with the same amount of love and affection too. :)

k cook sg 9
So, on my birthday, Paul took me out on a special date. This may sound cheesy but even after being together for 12 (!) happy years, I still get that giddy, "kilig" feeling whenever we go out on a date. What made this date extra special was the fact that Paul took charge of choosing the restaurant and making a reservation too! It has been a while since we've had Korean bbq so he chose K.Cook Korean BBQ Buffet to be our lunch date venue that day. Boy, was I excited!

We got to Orchard Central right in time for our reservation slot. Thankfully, they got us a nice table in the air-conditioned area as I really can't imagine staying outside amidst the warm noontime weather. I don't think even those huge air cooler can do much help as the air was dry and hot plus you'll be barbecue-ing which will surely contribute more to the heat.

Inside, we have easier access to the buffet area too. Let me take you around first:

k cook sg 4
First, you start off with some salad together with a couple of their house dressings and sauces. It's also right beside containers of cut-up fresh fruits which is for dessert.

k cook sg 5
Moving on, you have all the fresh meats that you can think of! Pork, chicken, beef, seafood. All the major meat types are here! We got to try a little of everything and I personally loved the marinated pork and beef the most. Paul found the sausage to have a slightly weird taste while I personally think it was just alright. However, if you're to maximize the space in your tummy, you can skip the sausages and go for the real meat.

k cook sg 6
They also have a lot of fresh lettuce and different types of kimchi. The best way to enjoy Korean BBQ is to wrap the freshly grilled meat in a piece of lettuce and add in some garlic cloves, a dollop of Korean bbq paste and I like adding in some kimchi too. Yum yum yum! I also forgot to mention that they have that sesame oil dip that I love so much.

k cook sg 7
As Paul took charge of the grill, I was busy filling our table with all the cooked dishes already. There's pajeon (Korean pancakes) which was very delicious. We love how it has a good crisp bite and the filling was very tasty. Paul also enjoyed the chili-vinegar-soy sauce dip that came with it.

k cook sg 3
Meanwhile, I know it's not really wise to load up on carbs when enjoying a buffet but I couldn't help it! The chap chae was AMAZING. Al dente glass noodles stir-fried with sesame oil and veggies. I loved it so much that I'm inspired to recreate this at home soon. ♥

k cook sg 8
You can also get as many glasses of sodas and ice cold water too!

k cook sg 1
Grilling was a breeze, we love the fact that they would change the grilling pan every so often. The servers were very attentive to our needs. No oil was needed as you grill your meats away. Look at this mouthwatering beef short ribs which was so tender. It has been well-marinated already so all we had to do was to dip it slightly into the bean paste and sesame oil and you can eat it straight away or wrap it into a piece of lettuce.

k cook sg 2
We also enjoyed the marinated pork collar which had a slightly sweet taste. It reminds us of our favorite tocino. After endless rounds of meat, pajeon, chap chae and salad, we both felt like we're ready to burst. To end our meal, we shared a plate of fresh watermelon and pineapple which perfectly cleaned our palate.

It was such a fun lunch at K. Cook Korean BBQ and I thank Paul for spoiling me with such a yummy meal! Thanks hunnie!

Check out the buffet rates here:

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Check out K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet at the 7th level of Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, Singapore. Call them at 6884-7282 to make a reservation. Nearest MRT: Somerset. 

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