Oedo Japanese Restaurant in Quezon City

Taste is subjective. That's a known fact. So it's highly possible that what may be out-of-this-world delicious for me may just be a-okay for you and vice versa. So, when it comes to getting good and reliable restaurant suggestions, I rely on my favorite food bloggers (listed below) to tell me which restaurants to check out.

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Such was the case when I was chatting with fellow food blogger Leslie a couple of weeks back. I told her that I'll be in Manila to spend a week with family. Being the sweet friend that Les always is, she immediately recommended a couple of must-try restaurants that's just within the vicinity where I'll be. One thing that I immediately took note of was Oedo Japanese Restaurant. I've been seeing her repeated posts on this restaurant in her Instagram account and for Les to go all the way to Quezon City for this, then that's an indication of how good this restaurant must be.

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So, for lunch one day, Mommy and I decided to give it a try. We got there a little bit late for lunch hour as we were busy running errands all morning. Good thing though they got a nice table for 2 ready for us. The menu was quite extensive but I somehow noticed that majority of their specialties are deep-fried. Yikes! :o

Anyhow, we managed to find a couple of things that sounded really interesting and agreed to order the following:

oedo 5

Tekka Salad (Php. 350)
A nice tower of salad filled with fresh greens, cucumber strips, vermicelli noodles, shredeed nori, baby tomatoes, tuna sashimi and those crunchy strips on top which I'm not quite sure what those were. I was supposed to be served with a creamy dressing but Mommy requested for an oil-based one instead. Thankfully, the Chef obliged and was so kind to still offer three different dressings for us to try. The salad was very fresh and as well as the tuna sashimi.

oedo 4

Supaishi Sake Maki (Php. 350)
I tried reading the name of this dish really fast and I couldn't stop laughing. Initially I thought "supaishi" was a joke as it sounded very much like "spicy" but apparently, it's the direct translation of the Japanese way of writing "spicy". This sushi platter has truly exceeded our expectations. We initially thought it would be a small hand-rolled maki with a tiny amount of spicy tuna salad inside. What came was a beautiful work of art. Not only was it very pretty, it was really yummy too!

oedo 2

Ebi Tempura (Php. 450 / 3 pcs)
While ordering, our server kept on pushing for the ebi tempura. She told us that it's one of their best-sellers. She was pretty convincing that we eventually gave in. Since Mommy and I are both trying to lessen our deep-fried food intake, we went for the 3 pieces basket where we got 1.5 pieces each. The shrimp was not as big as I was hoping for and somehow, the breading was a tad too thick to be enjoyed. We were also surprised that it didn't come with the usual grated white radish and we had to ask for it from a clueless server and chef who almost gave us some pickled radish. Oh boy!

oedo 6

If you leave the ordering to me, most likely is that you'll be eating 90% seafood. Mommy noticed that I haven't ordered any meat and insisted that we try their Kushiyaki (grilled skewers). First was the Tebasaki (Php. 55/piece) which are 2 pieces of chicken wings in a skewer. To be honest, I found this to be overly salty. I just ate one piece and left the other one on my plate. Second, we had the Takoyaki (Php. 100) which didn't come in skewers but were covered in huge bonito flakes. It was a-okay as I would have preferred the balls to be more bouncy and the flavor more defined.

oedo 3

It's so funny as Mommy proudly told the server that we are both "light-eaters" so we will just share one bowl of Gomoku Chahan (Php. 120). My gosh! I'm pretty sure the server was laughing her head off in the kitchen as all our orders filled our table to the brim. We had to quickly finish our salad and sushi to even make room for the rest. So much for being light eaters. :P

The Japanese Fried Rice though was delicious. I love how it had the perfect balance of taste and the rice was of good quality. It surely made a good accompaniment to all our viands that day.

Oedo Japanese Restaurant may still be lacking in the authenticity-front but the salad and hand-rolled maki were good enough to merit a repeat visit in the future.

Visit them at 105 Sto. Domingo Avenue corner Sgt. Alcaraz, Quezon City. Call them at 255-5993 / 518-0058. 

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