Franny at 33

Another year, another chapter.

Yesterday, I celebrated my 33rd birthday. Gosh, I can't believe I'm this old! For a moment there, I had a quick flashback of that one time my 7-year-old self was telling Mommy that I wanted to grow up faster. Oh why did I ever said that?! *sigh*

franny at 33 1
Well, my birthday was simpler this year. A bit more quiet than usual but still one for the books. It began with our traditional birthday salubong with the NKids. They play an important role in my life now and I purposely flew back to Singapore to celebrate my birthday with them. I'm so touched that Paul took charge of buying the cake and of course, he made sure it was yummy one! We're missing I who's out of the country for work right now but my birthday celebration shall continue once she's back! Of course, we're family and no one gets left behind (or forgotten). Ohana

franny at 33
As soon as I woke up, I was greeted by 3 charming voice messages sent by the 3 Js -- my darlings Julia, Jairus and Jared. This may sound biased but I have the cutest and sweetest niece and nephews in the whole wide world and I am so proud and thankful to be their akim. While I only get to see them whenever I fly home to Manila, I love it when they shower me with kisses and hugs every single time. I really hope they won't grow up too fast.. I want them to stay little cuties forever.

franny at 33 3
For lunch, Paul took me out on a date. I really love going out on lunch dates with my hubby. Cheesy as it may sound but it still gets me feeling giddy and excited every single time. We enjoyed a nice Korean BBQ lunch which I'll tell you all more about next time. For now, let's just say, we left the restaurant extremely satisfied and with huge bellies! *burp*

franny at 33 4
Lastly, cousin J insisted to cook my favorite Lo-Ma (Chinese Adobo) and Baked Pasta which he knows I'm really crazy about. Dinner was spent at home with the NKids and cousin J. It was so relaxing as we joked around while enjoying the good food. C, B and O also bought packs of dumplings which I love love love!

franny at 33 2
All throughout the day, I've been receiving messages and greetings from friends and family all over the world (!). I spent the last few minutes of my special day reading and replying to each and every message. I'm so touched at the number of people who took the time out to send their well-wishes and for remembering my birthday.

Here's to being 33 (yet feeling forever 23!) Heehee! #Frannyat33

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