Crabby Feast at Momma Kong's in Mosque Street

"Can we have dinner tomorrow at Momma Kong's? I made reservations already."

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This was the message I got from my friend C when he and his family visited the Lion City a couple of weeks ago. I'm ashamed to admit this but I wasn't sure where and what exactly is Momma Kong's. It sounded like a little hole-in-a-wall home-cooking eatery to me. However, I trust my friend C though for having really good taste in food so even without any research I happily replied back, "ok! see you then!"

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We were told that the place is small so it easily gets filled up. C was able to get a table for the first seating which was at 6:30PM. I made sure to get there right on time to help secure our precious table. C and his lovely wife A arrived a few minutes after. The restaurant was indeed very small. Perhaps it can seat at most 30 people and that would actually be pushing it. I can't believe that this has been around for years but it was my first time to hear about it.

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Ready for Crab battle!
Momma Kong's, as it turned out, specializes in CRABS! In fact, there are 8 different crab dishes available. C took charge of ordering our food and since we're all crab lovers, he got 5 out of the 8 types of crabs in the menu. There's also an option to order de-shelled crabs for those who do not want to get their hands dirty. I'll definitely consider this on my next visit. :)

Here's what we had that night:

momma kong's 13
Black Pepper Crab (S$48)
Fiery and peppery flavored crab! I have very low tolerance for spicy food and this dish still got my tongue burning with the strong peppery heat.

momma kong's 14
Red Chilli Crab (S$48)
What's a visit to Singapore without trying the chilli crab? I obviously skipped this but I still tried to dip my mantou bun into the chili sauce. It had that strong chili kick but for those who can take the heat, you'll surely love the creamy consistency of the sauce and how the flavor has successfully been infused into the crab meat.

momma kong's 4
Peranakan Crab (S$48)
On my first bite, I immediately detected the coconut-y taste. This is probably right at the middle of the spicy scale being not too spicy but still with that zing after several bites.

momma kong's 1
Sarawak White Pepper Crab (S$48)
Now we're talking! I couldn't stand the Black Pepper Crab but I love love love the delicious savory flavor of the White Pepper Crab. This wasn't spicy at all and I just found this crab flavor to be so delicious. After having one giant claw, I licked my lips and decided I want more! I highly recommend this.

momma kong's 11
Butter Crab (S$48)
Now, the winning flavor for me! I was so happy that the Butter Crab was placed in front of me allowing me easy access to scoop up more of that creamy butter sauce to pour onto my rice. This was really so delicious and the best choice if you don't want any spicy crab at all. Even kids will love this.

In addition to the 5 flavors mentioned above, there's the Crab Bee Hoon Soup, Grilled Crab and Steamed Crab too.

momma kong's 12
What's the best accompaniment for our crabs? Carbs, of course, and we got loads of them. We started with this platter of Fried Mantou  (S$3) which was initially meant to go with the Chili Crab but you can have it with any crab variant, if you ask me. I happily finished mine with lots of the Butter Crab sauce. We loved this so much that we agreed to go for some Steamed Mantou which was equally just as nice. Mmmmm..

momma kong's 2
The Black Pepper Crab Fried Rice (S$25) was also a good choice as we were impressed with the generous amount of de-shelled crab meat mixed into the rice.

momma kong's 9
However, I loved the Prawn Fried Rice (S$16) more as I was already having crabs with the rice so this variety was better.

momma kong's 10
Another option is the Salted Fish Fried Rice  (S$12) which I wasn't so impressed with. I think my heart belongs to the Prawn Fried Rice already.

momma kong's 3
We also tried the Sambal Kang Kong (S$10) which was a good break when you feel like you just had too much seafood. It's, once again, on the spicy side but I think you can ask the Chef to go easy on the sambal for this one.

It was such a lovely dinner spent a Momma Kong's. I wonder who is the real Momma Kong's and if she really loves crabs. I'm so glad that C discovered this gem as it will be one of my go-to places for good quality crab dishes here in Singapore from now on.

Check out Momma Kong's at 34 Mosque Street, Chinatown, Singapore. Closest MRT station is Chinatown (Purple Line). Call them at 6225-2722 to make a reservation. 

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