Harry's at Clarke Quay, Singapore

As most of you probably know by now, I'm not really much of a drinker. My idea of a night out is to have a good and satisfying dinner followed by a night cap over coffee, ice cream or milk tea. So, if ever I do get to go to bars, the first thing I look for is the bar bites menu where I'd order some munchies to go with my glass of mojito or a bubbly wine.

harry's sg 13
Here in Singapore, Clarke Quay is the place to go if you want to party or to go out for drinks at night. It's lined with a number of bars as well as interesting restaurants here and there. So, one evening, I found myself at the newly renovated Harry's with my friend B. Along with the store renovation giving it a new, modern look, Harry's also has new additions to its menu. Finally, we can actually have a full 3-4 course meal at Harry's and B and I were there to eat, eat and eat!

harry's sg 1
First things first, we got out drinks -- Harry's Premium Lager or HPL for B, Santa Margarita Processo Extra Dry for me.

As soon as we got our drinks, out came our food! Look what we had that evening:

harry's sg 2
Fish Cracklings (S$13)
This was MY favorite! I can't get over this delicious platter of deep-fried fish skin tossed in spices and served with aioli sauce. This was AMAZING! Whoever created this is truly a genius. I honestly wouldn't mind going back to Harry's soon just to have a drink and some Fish Cracklings.

harry's sg 3
Chirpy Chips (S$14)
As you know, chips in British terms means french fries to the Americans. So don't expect a plate of thin rounds of potato here but instead you'll get a good serving of thick cut potatoes sprinkled with sweet chicken floss and curry mayonnaise on top. To be honest, I wasn't blown away by this as I really had my eyes on the Fish Cracklings. Perhaps if you want to try a new take on the regular "chips" then definitely go for this.

harry's sg 4
Harry's Signature Wings (S$13/6 pieces or S$19/10 pieces)
I'm really a sucker for anything with the word "signature" or with the restaurant's name on it. For me, it signifies that it's one of the specialties thus it's a must-try. In this case, the wings do deserve such a merit as I love how it was so flavorful not only on the skin (which I happily took out) but it goes straight into the tender meat too. It's meant to be spicy but luckily, the Chef opted to serve the chili jam on the side instead of coating the chicken with it. That way, non-spicy eaters can still enjoy this.

Aside from small plates, Harry's also has a nice line-up of flatbreads which are the Brits' take on the American pizza pie. Check it out:

harry's sg 5
Sassy Satay (S$22)
This one was delicious. I love how the peanut flavor can easily be detected on the first bite followed by the smokey chicken cubes, tangy pineapple and chewy crust. So yummy! I love love love this too.

harry's sg 7
Mushroom Truffle Oil (S$22)
Who can ever resist truffles? Definitely not me and B! I know we have had quite a lot but we can't say no to this aromatic cheesy flatbread. Every bite will give you a nice truffle aroma and the mushroom had this good earthy and meaty flavor.

harry's sg 6
Chicken Marsala (S$23)
The concept of having Indian food after drinking or with your alcoholic drinks is something new to me. Apparently, curries and other Indian dishes have been a popular choice with the party-going crowd as they do appreciate the warm, creamy and spicy dishes after a night of non-stop drinking and partying. I love the toasted charcoal bread served with it which I happily dipped into the sauce. The only thing missing? One cup of rice please!

harry's sg 11
Beef Stroganoff (S$23)
I normally love beef stroganoff however this one was sadly just a-ok for me. Hmm..perhaps it's because I felt the creamy sauce failed to perk up the taste of the dish or that the beef was not as tender as I imagined. I love the thin penne noodles though which was like a good comfort (TV) dish.

After enjoying our main course, B and I decided to go with our 2nd drink for the night.

harry's sg 8
I had the Bombay Mintger (S$16) which I wasn't able to finish. Why? It was just too sweet! The kind that I feel would give me instant diabetes. Looks like the bartender went trigger happy in pouring the syrup in. Yikes!

harry's sg 12
B had the Harry's Bellini (S$16) which is a signature blend of peach schnapps and sliced peaches with grenadine syrup. It's such a pretty lady's drink which I think B liked a lot.

harry's sg 10
For dessert, we had the Baked Chocolate Cake (S$16) which was a moist, molten lava cake. This is perfect for all chocolate lovers out there.

harry's sg 9
As for me, I fell truly madly deeply in love with the Sticky Date Toffee Pudding (S$14). I've had a lot of Sticky Date Puddings before but I wasn't expecting for this one to blow me away. It was definitely love at first bite from the moment I tasted the warm caramel toffee cake which made a good contrast to the cold and creamy ice cream. Delicious! Okay, I am definitely going back to Harry's for a plate of Fish Crackling and Sticky Date Toffee Pudding.

We obviously had a feast at Harry's! I'm so happy to be able to find a bar that not only serves a wide-array of drinks but they have really good food too.

Check out Harry's at 3D River Valley Road, #01-01 in Clarke Quay. They also have 19 other branches all over Singapore. See the complete store list here

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