Christmas Gift Idea from Paper Moon Cafe Philippines

I'm a huge fan of mille crepes. There's really something about that dainty looking cake that's made out of thin layers (and by layers I mean a LOT of it) of crepes sandwiched in between a delicate cream filling and usually topped with fruits. I would remember how Paul and I would always end our weekend dates at Singapore's Lady M which has been our go-to cake place when we need some sugar rush. Which reminds me, I have yet to talk about that in this blog. *sigh* Now, can you guys imagine my bloglag? We're talking years delay here!

Anyway, since we got back, we've been searching for a good cake place similar to our beloved Lady M. Then, we discovered Paper Moon. It's funny how things have a way of making itself known to you if it's meant to be. Like I've mentioned, Paul and I love mille crepes but this is one thing that we never really told anyone in the family. It was pure coincidence that my MIL gave us a huge box of Mango Mille Crepe for our homecoming party last year. Yes, exactly a day after coming home for good, we received a box of our favorite type of cake! Needless to say, Paul and I enjoyed the cake so much and that's how we got to know Paper Moon.

papermoon christmas 2
Months after that, we discovered Paper Moon in Robinsons Magnolia. As I somehow got this huge chocolate addiction during the first few months after giving birth, I immediately went on a mission to search for the best Iced Chocolate drink out there and once again, Paper Moon instantly won. Thus, this has been our usual hangout whenever we want to go out for a quick mall trip with our then, newborn twins.

papermoon christmas 1
Anyway, this Christmas, Paper Moon is here to delight your friends and loved ones with their holiday gift boxes. There's the Mini Mille Crepes in boxes of 3 (Php. 1000) or 6 (Php. 2000). I tried the box of 3 and I loved the Ube Mille Crepe it was very very good! I wonder if you can have all ube in a box. I'm hoping they'd allow it. :) The Original Mille Crepe is one thing that you can always be assured to be good and there's the Matcha Mille Crepe which was also wonderful. I love how you can distinctly taste the matcha flavor and it complements the subtle sweetness of the cream filling.

papermoon christmas 3
For those who wants to take the traditional route, they also have boxes of Cookies and Bars. In each, you get two types of cookies and two types of brownie bars. Personally, I enjoyed the bars the most. I love the chocolate brownies with pistachio as well as the Butterscotch Bars too. The small box is available for only Php. 499 while the bigger box (seen in the photo) goes for Php. 999.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I'm not and I am so lucky I got to know about this gift idea which I'm sure my friends will love.

Check out Paper Moon Cafe's branches here. They have 17 stores/kiosks available all over the metro. For more updates, please follow them on Facebook.  

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