#FrannyCooks : Spanish Sardines Pandesal with Nanay Luisa's Queso de Bola Spread

When you say Christmas in the Philippines, a number of things come to mind...

Parol (lanterns), Bibingka (rice cake with salted egg), Lechon (roasted pig), Noche Buena (Christmas feast) and Queso de Bola.  Actually, I think I can name a lot more but that will definitely make this blog entry so so so long.

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Let me focus on Queso de Bola. Recently, I wondered how come this round cheese that's traditionally coated in red wax cover became so popular especially during Christmas. Well, a quick research showed that back in the day, edam cheese or queso de bola is one of the staple items during Noche Buena. I'd also credit this to brilliant marketing work of whoever is behind the brand who sold the first ever Queso de Bola. Imagine, while having cheese with crackers, nuts or fruits is something very European yet this was successfully adapted into our Noche Buena spread together with Jamon, Fruit Salad, Bibingka and Puto Bumbong.

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So, as Christmas Day is fast approaching (6 days to go!), here's one that you should include on the table. Nanay Luisa's Queso de Bola Spread (Php. 150 / Php. 280) is one that's worth trying. I'm personally not a fan of queso de bola as I always find it a bit too salty for my taste but this one truly made me reconsider it again. Mixed with pickles, mayonnaise and pimiento, I love how creamy and subtle the flavors were of the spread. It's good with crackers, crostinis or even as a bread filling. The pickle relish gave it a nice sweet flavor and the mayonnaise a creamy and silky texture which contrasted with the grated queso de bola cheese. Very very good!

Here's a quick recipe for an easy-peasy breakfast sandwich that you can try at home.

Spanish Sardines Pandesal with Nanay Luisa's Queso de Bola Spread

What you need:
- Freshly baked pan de sal
- 1 scrambled egg (the fluffier and creamier the better)
- 1 bottle of Spanish Sardines
- Parsley for garnish
- Nanay Luisa's Queso de Bola Spread

nanay luisa 2
Easy instruction:
1) Put a generous amount of Nanay Luisa Queso de Bola Spread onto the warm pan de sal
2) Topped with scrambled egg and sardines
3) Garnish with freshly cracked papper, some chili flakes (if you wish) and fresh parsley


Order Nanay Luisa's Queso de Bola Spread through their Facebook page or by calling 0920 975 8798. It's also available at Connie's Kitchen and All Day Panaderia. 

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