Holiday Feast at Tenya Philippines in BGC Stopover

I first heard about Tenya back in 2016 from my good friend D as she was helping me put together my Tokyo itinerary. My friends in Singapore love going to Japan that I can probably name 10 friends who knows Tokyo so well that they can give the best recommendations even with their eyes closed. Thanks to them, Paul and I had spent one marvelous week eating our way around Japan and mind you, we managed to dine at some of the best hole in the wall places thanks to the tips that we got from these friends. I have yet to share with you stories from that trip and I promise to do it really soon.

Meanwhile, back in Manila, Paul and I stumbled upon Tenya as we were going around the Bonifacio Global City one evening looking for a place to grab a quick early dinner before heading home. A quick search on our phone led us to Tenya at the BGC Stopover complex. Okay, I have to admit that I never knew this place existed and boy was I impressed. We're talking about 3 storeys filled with a good mix of fast to casual restaurants. There's also ample parking spaces at the basement so Paul was just as impressed as I was.

tenya philippines 6
We never managed to dine at Tenya when we were in Tokyo because we ran out of time so this particular visit was actually our first time at this famous tendon casual joint. As we entered the restaurant, we were warmly greeted by the traditional "irrashaimase"! Don't you just love the Japanese? As we were led to our booth, my eyes caught the acrylic signages on the table. Checking it out, I zeroed in on their holiday specialties such as the Ultimate Crab Teishoku Set (Php. 455). What a steal! It's one whole generous set of deep-fried crab claw, soft-shell crabs, crablets, kani sticks, Black Tiger prawns and the best part, a scoop of crab fat (aligue) on top. Ooh lala!

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Each set comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup and potato salad. For the price, I'd say this is such a good deal. In fact, one set can be shared by two if you're not that hungry. Anyway, focusing on the crab selections, my favorite was the crab claw as I love the sweet and juicy crab meat. It was also easy to remove from the shell thus eating it wasn't such a messy affair. Next to the crab claw, I enjoyed the kani kakiage as well as the soft shell crab. To be honest, I am not a fan of crablets to which Paul happily took hold of my share. The batter was really good! I love how it has a nice texture and the tempura sauce wasn't too overpowering and just perfectly added the right amount of zing to the flavor. As for the aligue sauce, simply mix it into your Japanese rice and enjoy.

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If having the set is too much for you, then you can opt to just have the Ultimate Crab Donburi (Php. 395) which has all types of crabs such as the crab claw, kani, soft-shell crabs and crablets as well as one piece of Black Tiger prawns tempura all on top of a fluffy bed of Japanese rice. Similar to the Teishoku, there's also a generous serving of aligue to boost the flavor for you.

tenya philippines 2
For all meat lovers out there, well you are all in for a treat. My favorite dish and the best discovery that evening was actually the Holiday Wagyu (Php. 595). Imagine having your favorite teppanyaki-style beef cubes served with a big scoop of potato salad all for less than 1,000 pesos. One thing that I noticed was that the beef is the real thing. It's real wagyu cuts topped with their signature steak sauce. I loved it so much that I actually had to order another serving to take home for my parents to enjoy.

As predicted, Mommy and Papa loved it! They wouldn't believe that it wasn't from our favorite fancy Japanese restaurant and the price was so reasonable given what a good quality meat dish it was.

tenya philippines 3
To go with our dishes, we tried the Holiday Shakes as well. There's Paul's Strawberry Cheesecake Shake (Php. 185) which was so good! If you're a big strawberry fan like my hubby then this one is definitely for you. He loved how creamy it was and you get those tiny bits of strawberry in every sip. As for me, I went to the Matcha Shake (Php. 185). While it was good and surely has that strong matcha taste, I'd probably go for the Strawberry Cheesecake on my return. It was just THAT good.

While this season is all about merry-making and endless eating, there's really no need to break the bank while doing so. All these holiday dishes are all so reasonably priced that you can actually have a good Christmas feast for less than P800 per head! Avail of these holiday dishes until January 8, 2019. Hurry!

Check out Tenya at 2F BGC Stopover Pavilion Rizal Drive, 31st Street, Taguig City. Call them at 512-4776. They also got more branches around the metro! Check the complete list here. 

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